E3 2014 Top-Contender: Nintendo



E3 2014 Nintendo Highlights

This past week marked E3 2014 and we have posted a few highlights on BCCHardware, but one company I feel worth noting this year especially is Nintendo. They have a few exciting games on the horizon and the Wii U may finally be the console we’ve been waiting for. The start of their press event was on a different level than many other companies as they started with a stop-motion animation where the producer and Reggie Fils-Amie duel off like you would in Smash Bros. This was a smooth segueway into talking about Super Smash Bros for the Wii U and 3DS.


Super Smash Bros.

The new Super Smash Bros will be available on the Wii U for “Holiday 2014” but will be preceded by the 3DS version which will land on store shelves in October. Originally, it was scheduled to be released this summer, but marketing has pushed that back a bit. The game looks pretty solid and there will be a few new characters that have joined the battle as well as new arenas as well. You can use your Mii character, use the characters they provide or use a different Nintendo character that can be transferred to the system by way of NFC.

There will be three categories of characters that are pre-sorted to match your play-style: Brawlers, Sword Fighters and Gunners. Each character has four special moves to master and provide a lot of diversity to the game.



There is a new Zelda game coming down the pipe in 2015 and the gameplay video shown this week at E3 looked very good. The new Legend of Zelda title will feature an open world and there will be no set order to accomplish tasks. In previous Zelda games, you have a set path that has a set order to be able to complete quests and while Zelda has always been fun, this has made it very linear. This title looks very promising for sure.

Zelda alt alt

Zelda @ E3 2014


Another game that looks interesting is Yoshi’s Wooly World. In this game, everything is made of yarn – even the characters. This is a standard platformer for the Wii U but unlike many Mario games, you won’t be timed to clear a level. Nintendo’s goal here is for you to explore and master the levels instead of rushing through them. It has both single and two-player modes that will let your friend play along with you to fight and finish off enemies. In addition to eating enemies, you can eat other Yoshi’s and then spit them out at enemies. This game sounds like a great addition to the Yoshi franchise.


Hyrule Warriors:

Hyrule Warriors is a hack-and-slash button-masher that features the characters from Zelda with the fighting style of Dynasty Warriors. You’ll find yourself in the middle of an enemy army and have to fight your way through enemy lines – repeatedly. Battles will merge and you’ll end up fighting giant bosses. It sounds challenging, but thankfully this will be two-player as well and will offer full support for the Nintedo Wii U Gamepad.


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Splatoon is a new game that has made its way onto the Wii U and it looks very interesting. It’s an 8 player 4v4 “party-shooter”. In this epic squid vs. squid inkfest, you have to take down enemies and capture territory. The point of the game is to cover as much ground as possible before the time runs out or you reach the designated score limit. Players are able to switch between squid and person throughout the game. It requires teamwork and strategy as you will swim fast in your own ink, but slow down in enemy ink. This Wii U title is already available for pre-order. Take a look and learn some tricks along the way.


Mario Maker:

Nintendo threw out a few surprises this year and one of them was the new Mario Maker application. This allows you to build new levels for 2D Super Mario. This is a pretty nifty idea and I wish it was available on the 3DS as I would definitely buy this title. Mario Maker looks awesome! I love that you can make your own levels – and make them as hard or as easy as you want. You can either play these levels in the old Super Mario style or enhance them to look more like the “New Super Mario Bros.” Now Mario can rescue his princess at a much faster face - as fast as you want!


Other Bits:

Nintendo talked about a ton of games. There were many other titles that were shown and mentioned, but not talked about too much. Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, Kirby the Rainbow Cure, Xenoblade Chronicles X got a bit of time of the stage. Bayonetta 2 looks like a mature 3D Platformer that has great visuals. Of course, it wouldn’t be E3 without a new Pokemon title, and that will also be coming to your Wii U and 3DS in the coming months.

Devil’s Third is a game that will now be exclusive to the Wii U and this is clearly a move to get adult gamers playing more than just bowling on the Wii U. The game was announced years ago for the Xbox 360 and PS3 and was cancelled, but is now back as Nintendo resurrected this beast. This is a first and third person shooter that drops more than a few F-Bombs and characters drop their clothes in order to make the story more “interesting”. Clearly Nintendo is grasping at straws in order to grow their gaming audience.


After watching the entire E3 presentation from Nintendo, I think there will be at least seven games that will be “must haves” if you own a Wii U. If you don’t own a Wii U, 2014-2015 could be the year you pick one up. Nintendo dropped a lot of titles on the E3 stage and really showed up Microsoft and Sony in my opinion.


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