Samsung Galaxy TabPro S 12-inch Tablet


Product: Samsung Galaxy TabPro S 12-inch Tablet
Provided By: Samsung
Price: ~$700CAD at time of publication

TabPro S


For full disclosure, I’m not the most avid tablet user, I’m the kind of person who still likes a full desktop system. I do currently use a 4th Gen (Retina) iPad as my main tablet, or more accurately, main mobile video watching tablet (it’s been a complicated relationship between me and the iPad). I’ve also got an older Android tablet which has served me well. I like the portability of the tablets, but the lack of power and/or functionality has determined my limited use of tablets.

So while I might not be a tablet junkie, I am a mobile power user who normally picks the laptop to go into the backpack instead of the tablet if I’m heading out on the road. For that reason, the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S really peaked my interest to see if it was the kind of device that could that could replace both those devices for someone like myself that wants more out of a tablet than Netflix and Candy Crush.

The Galaxy TabPro S talks a big game, but can it actually replace two devices? We’ll find out shortly.




First Impressions:

The Galaxy TabPro S is thin, like “I wasn’t expecting it to be this thin” thin. When I opened the box on the loaner unit I thought they’d shipped me an Android tablet accidently because a full windows tablet couldn’t be this thin, no mistakes were made however.

Now the thinness is the first thing to be noticed, but after trying to flex the device a little I was actually surprised at how sturdy this device feels. Now could you drop it ten feet onto concrete? Of course not, but if it were to fall off your desk I’d say you’ll probably be just fine.

TabPro S


The Galaxy TabPro S comes with a magnetic keyboard dock/case. The case is very similar to other “2-in-1” tablets out there, it attaches magnetically and actually works surprisingly well whether you’re lounging on the couch or sitting at a desk. Now the feel of the keyboard isn’t going to blow you away, but it’ll the job done easily unless you want to write a novel. Even with the keyboard/case attached, chances are good the whole device will still be thinner than your old device without a case attached.

Front Profiel


On the next page we'll cover the specifications as we continue to look at the TabPro S.


The Galaxy TabPro S delivers the efficiency of a laptop and convenience of a tablet.

The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is a two-in-one device that lets you do it all. Stream, browse and game on a vibrant 12" Super AMOLED display. When it’s time to work, Windows 10 Pro and a full-size keyboard let you get right down to business. Beautiful and powerful, the TabPro S is always ready to work and play.

  • 12" Touchscreen Display with 2160 x 1440 Resolution
  • Intel M Processor (Dual core 2.2GHz)
  • 4 GB RAM System Memory
  • 128GB Solid State Drive Storage
  • Intel HD Graphics
  • Front-facing Camera / Rear-facing Camera Resolution: 5 Megapixel
  • Running Windows 10 Operating System
  • Full-sized detachable keyboard
  • Dimension: 7.83" x 11.43" x 0.25"
  • Weight: 1.53 lb
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty


TabPro S



I’ll break down a few of the main features of the TabPro S in this section and then we’ll get into my thoughts on performance and value of the TabPro S. 

Screen - Touchscreen:

The Galaxy Tab Pro features a 12” sAMOLED screen. The resolution is FHD+ (2160x1440) which on a Super AMOLED screen is pretty awesome.

Touchscreen-wise, it’s great, really no complaints and thanks to the performance offered by the Galaxy TabPro S you shouldn’t have any gripes about the touchscreen.

Closed Cover


Hardware - Operating System:

The TabPro S is a Windows 10 Pro tablet, as far as functionality goes, it’s a full OS which lets you do anything your laptop can.

Hardware-wise, the Galaxy TabPro S features a dual-core Intel Core m3 CPU. On the CPU end of things it’s not the fastest CPU ever, but outside of video editing and CPU-intensive applications it’s not terrible.

The Galaxy TabPro S has 4GB of memory, which is pretty standard. The option for 8GB would probably be a nice option to have (and who knows, it might be offered in the future), but right now you’re stuck with 4GB. Not trying to make 4GB of memory sound like chopped liver, it’s quite good for a tablet, but personally I’d like a little more.

For storage you’ve got the options of 128GB and 256GB, pretty standard and for most mobile users those two options should satisfy most people.


Battery Life:

The TabPro S boasts a 10.5 hour battery life, which let’s face it is pretty impressive. I kept meaning to do a full on battery test but I kept getting distracted (running a 10 hour test is really boring).

The battery life of this device is impressive; can you get 10.5 hours out of it? Probably, but of course you probably won’t be working it too hard.

In my couple weeks with the device I had no problem getting 7 hours out of it using it on and off with some of the usage being pretty heavy. I never had it run out of battery during my daily usage, which I can’t say the same for my laptop that I currently use.

If I had to guess I’d say with moderate usage you should be able to get in the 7-8 hour range on average, watching movies and other tasks that push it a little more will probably drop you into the 6 hour area.


On the next page we'll cover some of the performance numbers from the TabPro S as we continue on through the review.



So I’ve included a few benchmarks for the TabPro S. I didn’t really have anything to be able to truly compare it “head to head” because it’s kind of a unique device. It’s really not fair to compare it with a i7 laptop, yet it’s pretty much impossible to compare it with benchmarks to a tablet.

In my opinion it’s actually pretty impressive that the TabPro S can even run benchmarks, it wasn’t that long ago that tablets had a hard time running some mobile apps much less full on benchmarking suites…


Now the performance end of things really depends on how you look at it.


3D Mark

3D Mark - Click for Full-Image



PC Mark

PC Mark - Click for Full Image



PC Mark

PC Mark - Click for Full Image




If you compare the Galaxy TabPro S to other tablets out there, it’s amazing. It’s actually a little tough to believe that a full Windows system could be this small and yet still have good performance.

If you compare the Galaxy TabPro S to “Insert gaming laptop name” here, you’ll be disappointed.

Because the Galaxy TabPro S can do everything a laptop can do, it’s hard not to compare it “head to head” with other laptops around the same price range. I guess the best way I can phrase it is, you’ll give up a little performance and gain a whole bunch of portability.


On the last page we'll talk about value as we wrap things up with our conclusion.


The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S at the time of publishing this article could be found online for around $575 USD for the 128GB version with 4GB of memory, the Intel M3 CPU, and comes bundled with the keyboard/dock. At this price, it’s pretty tough to find a tablet that can do more than the TabPro S, yet there are tablets out there that cost more. If you’d like to jump up to the top end TabPro S, you’ll be getting up into the $900-$1000 USD range, which if you need the power or extra storage (or both), isn’t terrible in comparison to other tablets with similar specs.

Top Down

There are laptops out there in the ~$600 USD range that will give you more raw computing power, however, chances are good if you are reading this you’re probably tired of lugging around that big clunky laptop and looking for something that can easily slip into a backpack but can do more than just watch Netflix and play Candy Crush, which of course the Galaxy TabPro S is able to.

So to sum up the value section, I think the TabPro S is competitively priced and when you put it side to side with other tablets that offer the full Windows experience, I think it’s got enough to separate itself from the others.


If you’re looking for a tablet that does more than basic tablet things, the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S just might be what you’ve been waiting for. Full Windows functionality, all packed into an incredibly small frame make this 2-in-1 device rise to the top of the pile.

The nice thing with the TabPro S is that you’ve got enough performance in the tablet form factor that most people will be able to replace two devices (laptop and tablet) with this single device. If you want to add up the prices of a lower-mid range laptop and a decent tablet together, chances are good they’ll add up to more than the price tag of the TabPro S.

When it comes to drawbacks on the TabPro S, there isn’t really much I’d change. I wasn’t blown away by the keyboard/cover, but to be honest I’ve yet to see any keyboard/cover on any other similar device that has felt any better. It’s just one of those things to consider when buying a device like this, if you’re going to be doing a ton of typing invest in a nice Bluetooth keyboard.

Flat View

I’ve looked at other tablets in the past that brag about being laptop replacements, but I can honestly say the TabPro S is one of the few that actually have made me think about ditching my laptop and buying a tablet as a replacement.

At the end of the day the TabPro S is a winner in my eyes, I miss it already. I probably spent more time trying to find a reason why I don’t want one (but wasn’t able to find one) and now I find myself late at night looking on the TabPro S online, writing lists of reasons why I need one, and trying to figure out a way to have it shipped without my wife finding out that I bought another laptop…

The TabPro S isn't perfect but it still makes it to be solid GOLD here at BCCHardware.


I'd like to thank Samsung for sending this unit our way for a review. If you have any questions, comments or other feedback, please post in the forum right here.