OCZ Fatal1ty 750W Modular Gaming PSU


Product: OCZ Fatal1ty 750W Modular PSU
Provided By: OCZ Technology
Price: ~ $90.00 Online at time of publication


Fatal1ty fans unite! OCZ has made a new Fatal1ty Gaming Gear power supply that comes in both 500W and 750W.  Today we be taking a look at the 750W flavor.  This beast comes in a nice flat black finish and has some pretty sweet red LEDs that illuminate the cooling fan when running. It is also fully modular! We will tell you the pros and cons of this new unit when we dig deeper into the review.

Some people think that a 750W PSU is not big enough for an enthusiast machine, but it is plenty for most units.  We have a single card with a fast CPU and at total idle, the machine draws less than 100W.  At full load we are pulling about 300W with this particular setup.  We have to get creative to test this PSU – and we do test it.  In the end we pull just under 800W though this black box – and it survived.



About OCZ:

OCZ has a strong reputation backing them up. They are known for making good products -several of which have received quite high ratings here at BCCHardware.com.  If you are not quite as familiar with OCZ as we are, check out an excerpt from their company profile below.

With a 10-year history of developing best-in-class PC components for professionals, enthusiasts, and gamers, OCZ is committed to innovation and we share our customers’ passion for performance. Founded in 2002, San Jose, California-based OCZ Technology Group, Inc. has built on its expertise in high-speed memory to become a global leader in the design and manufacturing of industry-leading solid state drives (SSDs), a disruptive, game-changing technology that is replacing traditional rotating magnetic hard disk drives (HDDs). OCZ became one of the first major consumer brands to offer cost-efficient SSDs that helped to pioneer mainstream adoption over slower, less reliable HDDs, resulting in today’s burgeoning market. With a rich portfolio of consumer SSD offerings for laptop, desktop, and workstation applications covering a range of popular interfaces and media formats, our SSDs deliver exceptional I/O performance, differentiated features, lower power consumption and superior reliability, all of which translate into faster file transfers, instant system boot-ups, and an enhanced computing or gaming experience.

In addition to our SSD products and solutions, OCZ also offers a leading portfolio of premium power supply units (PSUs) under the OCZ and PC Power and Cooling brands which address a wide spectrum of applications ranging from desktop to industrial power management.

OCZ has a worldwide presence with regional offices and manufacturing in key regions to support our valued clients, and has earned outstanding brand equity and a reputation for quality products and customer service.

Inside The Box

First Impressions:

One of the first things you notice before opening the box on this PSU is the packaging, which has very nice graphics.  They are mostly made up of black and red and the box also boasts the Fatal1ty name and shows the 80+ Bronze rating. That rating essentially means that it shouldn’t perform less than 80% efficient and it can reach as high as 85% at a certain point. It should be noted as well that with a 750W PSU with 85% efficiency you will only really get 637.5W and the rest will be wasted in heat.


Upon opening the sweet box, you get a sense of organization and care in the way the packaging is set up. It was more packed for looks in my opinion, but it is a nice look.  As far as the PSU bundle goes, the cables were packed in a nice bag for neat storage and the cables have the common plastic twist ties around them. You will also find the main power cable and spare screws included as well.

On the next page we'll take a closer look at the PSU before we jump into the features and specifications.

Closer Look:

The OCZ Fatal1ty Gaming Gear 750W hasn’t strayed from the standard ATX sized PSU standard and should fit in almost any case that can hold a standard power supply. It is a nice length and comes in a black finish with OCZ Fatal1ty stickers on each side. As you can see by gazing and the images below, the Fatal1ty is absolutely modular. 

PSU Profile Rear Grill


On the front we notice there is nice mesh that should facilitate good airflow and thus, not overheat. You will also note that the power switch is nice and big so there will be more chance of hitting it in confined spaces instead of fumbling helplessly for a little switch. The hookup for the power cable looks like it should hold well and not have connection issues.  This can be an extra failure point one cheaper units, but with the Fatal1ty PSU, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Bottom Fan

The front displays the modular connections; some of which are red and add a nice contrast. There are three different kinds of connections:  Once is for CPU/PCI-E, another for peripherals and of course the main power connector for the motherboard. I can’t say enough about how nice it is that the Fatal1ty is modular.  It makes it so much neater in the case, and if you are anything like me you need all of the help you can get to keep the inside of your case tidy.

Modular Side Rear Grill Close


The last thing I will mention about the physical appearance is that from a top view you will see the Fatal1ty logo in the center of the fan cage. The fan is clear and this looks awesome when the PSU in in use – since there is red LEDs that light up the fan and your case.

We'll move onto the features and specifications on the next page.


The following are the features of both the 550W and the 750W.  Below those, we have the specifications for the both units.

Pros Don't Just Play Games, Pros Win Games!
Dedicated to delivering premium power solutions, OCZ’s latest PSU was co-developed with twelve-time world champion Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel to meet the specific needs of fellow gamers in performance, stability, and ease of integration to reduce system downtime.
Built for Gamers
Featuring a sleek look, glowing LEDs, and modular cable design ideal for gamers and case modders, keep your case tidy and maximize airflow while showing off your rig during gaming events. With a powerful single +12V rail, this PSU is capable of delivering continuous power up 45°C ideal for a demanding multi-GPU gaming rig and stable power for Intel®Haswell™ -based gaming rigs.
Extremely Cool and Quiet
Powered by a large load and temperature controlled fan, the Fatal1ty Series maintains ultimate stability and silence during the most intense gaming sessions, eliminating distracting noises from your PC and reducing heat buildup inside your gaming rig. With 80 Plus Bronze certification, the PSU operates at an excellent 85% efficiency under real world operating environments to lighten your energy burden.
Leading Warranty and Support
The Fatal1ty gaming PSU series comes backed by a 3- to 5-Year warranty for the ultimate peace of mind.



We'll continue on with the next page as we look at cables and open up the unit to see what makes it tick.


Let’s just face it, cables all by themselves are dull at best, but most of them included in the Fatal1ty are the sweet flat cables we all like and this is a bonus.  The only one that isn’t is the 20x4 pin power cable, which is round and mesh sheathed. As you will see below, there are a decent amount of connectors for your gaming needs.

Fully Modular Connectors: 
1 x 24-pin ATX 
2 x 4+4-pin EPS 12V CPU 
4 x 6+2-pin PCIe 
6 x 4-pin Peripheral 
8 x 5-pin SATA 
1 x Floppy Adapter 

Main Cable

Main Motherboard Power

8-Pin Power

8-Pin Power

PCIe Connectors

PCIe Connectors


Molex Connectors

Molex Connectors

SATA Connectors

SATA Connectors

FDD Cable

Inside the PSU:

Please be mindful that as we open this sucker up that it will completely void the warranty. Also, because of its ample capacitors, you could become victim to a large electric shock if you touch the wrong thing. Do not even attempt to open your PSU to compare looks. We are “trained’ professionals, meaning, we know the dangers, and with that burned into your mind and the smell of smoldering flesh in the air, click on the images below for a deeper look.

PSU Inside

Inside PSU

Tidy Cables Inside

Tidy Cables


Clean Blackplace

Clean Blackplane

Inside Cooling

Inside Cooling

Test Setup & Info:

In the past we’ve prided ourselves on real-world testing. For graphics cards, CPUs and memory, what matters is what takes place in real applications and games. We also held that philosophy for PSU testing, but after a while, we realized that there is more to a PSU than being able to run a machine stable over a few weeks or months. In reality, if there is a lot of ripple, this can damage sensitive traces on your $1000 graphics card or $1000 CPU. A multi-meter alone is not good enough to check PSU voltage stability. It’s for this reason that we’ve updated our PSU testbed, and will continue to improve the detail and quality of our PSU reviews. That being said, we will still be testing the PSU in a system and will be including stress tests from real components in the real world.

We have purchased a Tektronics TDS2002 60MHz Dual Channel scope and it has already become invaluable around the shop here at BCCHardware headquarters.

On the next page we'll dive right into testing.

PSU Load


We have posted up a few images from the Tektronics TDS2002 Dual Channel scope below to show you in reality how the power signal looks.  Things like this a multi-meter can't tell you.  While there is always some noise on every PSU line, it was interesting to see the "ripple" on the 12v line.  Take a look and then we'll summarize below.


12v Rail








I didn’t know what to expect from this PSU, but as it turns out, the Fatal1ty by OCZ handles itself quite well and the noise isn’t too extreme at all. As you will notice in the above chart, we have 12mV ripple and noise measurement on the 3.3v rail, 6mV on the 5v and 24mV on the 12V line. The ATX specifications state that 50mV is allowed on the 3.3v and 5.0v rails but 120mV is acceptable on the 12v rails. By these standards, the PSU performed well under the acceptable range in all of the 3.3v, 5v and 12v tests. The only one where there was a high amount of noise was the -12v coming in off the most taxing test at 112mV but it can fluctuate by 10mV. These results are mostly solid even with a 798W load.  The -12v results were a bit disappointing, it still wasn’t a death-blow to the product. 

Ave. Ripple


Ave. Voltage


The voltage on most of the tests were decently steady on the OCZ Fatal1ty Gaming Gear PSU, although the -12v shows the greatest fluctuation of all the rails. From 11w-282w we see the largest change at .4v and from there to 798w you will notice a .3v change. This is not detrimental and should not be worried over.



The OCZ Fatal1ty Gaming Gear 750W PSU certainly did not over-perform, but neither did it underperform. It handled all we threw at it like a champ, although it did start to get quite warm do to the fact that we had the fan partially removed in order to hook up our test equipment, but since we only did that for testing there will be no cause for concern under normal circumstances. I would have no issues putting this PSU in my rig if I was shopping for a 750W 80+ Bronze unit.

Overall, I was quite impressed with this PSU and I absolutely love the modular connectors.  It does what they claim, plus a little more and we are very pleased with the overall performance.  It’s not a perfect solution for everyone, but for ~$90 or less online, it’s a good choice that should perform for years.  Even with multiple cards on a Core i7 system, this PSU should have enough juice to keep you happy and your gear running solid.  It’s not perfect, or perfectly quiet, but it really didn’t add a lot of noise to our test system either.  This unit scores a solid “Silver”.

  • Mild electrical noise
  • Rated at 750w continuous
  • Decent amount of connectors 
  • Stable at high load
  • Great size
  • Classy exterior finish
  • Easy cable storage bag 
  • LED fan
  • Total. Modular. Connectors.



  • -12v had a bit too much noise



I'd like to thank OCZ Technology for sending over this power supply for us to review.  It's nice to see that they addressed some of the weaknesses of the original silencer series.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them at the link below.