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Sequels seem to be the trend in today’s movies and games, so not to stray away from regularity today we are going to look at yet another sequel case from NZXT, the Zero 2. This case claims to give an advantage to cooling enthusiasts. More specifications below and then we will get down to business.

Case Box - Front
Case Box - Front
 Case Box - Back
Case Box - Back


About NZXT:

NXZT is a relatively new company when compared to others like Cooler Master, Zalman and others, so to find out more, we'll take a look at their company profile.

NZXT, a company built upon gamers dreams, hopes to create products that put consumers first. Our objective is to provide every gamer with a case that they can identify with. Combining unique design and case performance, consumers will finally be able to find a quality case that will represent their own style and personality.

In the future, NZXT wishes all gamers who desire a personalized case to find it at NZXT. With the unveiling of every product, NZXT improves upon on weaknesses and strives for excellence. Achieving perfection is not an easy task, however, NZXT is determined to meet and surpass consumer expectations.

Our dedicated sales and customer service team will also work diligently to earn your trust and loyalty. All our products are built with high quality material and engineered in the best conditions.

NZXT products are designed and engineered in the United States and manufactured overseas in China and Taiwan.

NZXT was established in 2004 in Los Angeles, California.


Like many other companies, ideas are designed and honed here in North America, but cost of production here forces many companies to get their products built overseas.



Introducing the Zero 2, the follow-up to the successful ZERO, featuring the same extreme cooling capabilities, the ZERO 2 is the perfect home to enthusiast and gaming users. Featuring a sturdy 1.0mm steel chassis, the Zero's structural integrity cannot be doubted. Weighing at 10.2KG the zero 2 is a beast of its own. Zero 2's quad side fans are perfect for users running multi GPU systems.

 Zero 2 SERIES   
 DIMENSIONS (W x H x D)   210.5 X 532 X 536 mm  
 COOLING SYSTEM  FRONT, 1 X 120mm Blue LED (included)
 REAR, 2 X 120mm (included)
 TOP/BOTTOM, 1 X 80mm, 2 x 80mm fans (optional)
 SIDE, 4 x 120mm (optional)       


 Screwless Rail Design 

 MATERIAL(S)  Steel Construction
 WEIGHT  10.2 KGS (W/O Power) 


 Case Front
Case Front
 Case Back
Case Back



  • Full tower steel chassis
  • Quad 120mm fans dedicated for CPU and GPU cooling
  • Dual 120mm exhaust
  • Screwless installation for 5.25" and 3.5" devices
  • Intel HD audio compatibility
  • Top mounted USB, Audio, and E-SATA Ports
  • Sturdy 1.0mm steel chassis

Testing Rig:

Now while I don’t have a muli GPU system I do have a pretty nice system on my test bench. Specs as follows…

  • Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 proc
  • 4gb Crucial Ballistix pc2-6400 ram
  • Nvidia nForce 680i SLI motherboard
  • 8800GT graphics card w/ Thermaltake DualOrb cooler
  • 500GB Seagate HDD


First Thoughts/Impressions:

Since I didn’t get a chance to take a look at the original Zero case I don’t know exactly what has changed between the two, however the Zero 2 looks like a pretty slick case. It is all black and it is really a massive case, it is even bigger than the Whisper case.


Case I/O Panel

The I/O panel is on the top and flat to the side, and unlike the Ikonik Zaria A20 case there is no cover for it, I’m concerned about a lot of dust getting into there and messing up the connections, thankfully I haven’t had any problems so far but over an extended period of time who knows what could happen with that.


I am quite impressed with the cooling options in this case, although it may be quite loud, there is an option to have an extra four 80 mm fans on the side of the case and 1 on the bottom and top, in addition to the 2 that are already on the back and the single one in the front.



The Zero 2 provides a full set of accessories, due to the tool-less design of the case, rails were provided for the optical drives and hard drives. The cool thing about this case is that the optical drive rails actually go in from the front and have holes so that the drives are removed very easily from the front, this is definitely a nice feature especially for techs who swap things a lot.



I was very happy to be working inside this case, with a very large inside and excellent cable management it was easy to work with. There is a couple inches worth of head room between the top of the Motherboard and PSU. And a “canal” type deal in that area to put extra cables.

Screwdriver Holes


Putting the motherboard in however, i encountered a problem, my mother board had 10 mounting screws and i was missing one mount in the case accessories box. I was able to swipe an extra one from my regular case bundle but normally that is a pretty easy and cheap thing to include.


Case Full Installation


Computer Installed




 Fatal1ty Cooling Zero 2 Cooling


According to the data the video card didn't do so well in this system, probably being closer to the bottom of the case helped this. Otherwise cooling was okay, not the best, but the CPU had lots of head room to release its heat.



I would recommend this case to anyone; although it seems to be a super chassis (really big) it has good cable management, good airflow and lots of fan options. While cooling didn't seem to be as impressive as others it was also cooled with stock cooling fans and had 4 optional fans on the side left out of the picture. Although I have seen cases for the same amount of money with more features, albeit different ones, this case can be found for under $100 at time of writing which isn't bad for a high end case like this one.


I'd like to thank NZXT for dropping the Zero 2 case our way for a review.  If you have any comments, questions or general feedback, please post it in the forum at the "Comments" link below.