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Today we have the pleasure of looking at a case from a company that I have not heard of until now - Azza.  They seem to have a good business model and products, but let's not go into too much detail here. They just dropped a new case our way and today we have the Solano 1000 on our bench to take a look at.

About the Solano 1000:

Introducing the all-new AZZA Solano 1000 gaming case!  Its innovative design in so many aspects will satisfy the needs of the extreme computer gamer and power user. The case is designed for maximum thermal management with fans installed everywhere to keep your components cool.  A 230mm blue LED super fan is mounted on the top for main ventilation.  A second 230mm blue LED super fan is built-in on the side panel to facilitate CPU cooling.  Two additional 140mm blue LED fans are installed in the front panel to boost the cooling of HDD cage. And a 120mm fan is mounted in the back panel vented to the outside. To sum it up for you, a total of 2x230mm fans, 2x140mm fans and 1x120mm fan work synergistically to provide you unprecedented airflow.

This full tower case supports extended ATX, ATX, and Micro ATX motherboards and the thumb screw design allows for easy installation of seven PCI expansion cards without tools.  A plethora of drives bays, including up to ten 5.25¡± and eight 3.5¡± bays, allow you to grow your system over time. All the bays have a thumb screw design for easy assembly as well.

That¡¯s not all!   A removable HDD cage can accommodate up to eight HDD¡¯s.  The two front intake 140 mm fans are especially designed to boost HDD cooling.  Moreover, an adjustable PSU support bridge is located in the bottom and you have the option of installing the PSU with the fan facing either up or down, for air intake or exhaust.  The pre-drilled fan holes right underneath all but help to eliminate the PSU as one of the heat sources in the case!  Furthermore, since cable can be organized behind the pre-drilled motherboard tray, this case comes with a superior cable management system that allows for ameliorated cable routing and improved airflow.

This PC chassis is manufactured with high-quality Japanese steel, solid and sturdy yet not weighty.  The interior has a stylish black paint finish.  With its high-end features along with the superb exterior design, the AZZA Solano is the ultimate choice for your gaming needs. You can count on impressing your friends at the next LAN party! 


About AZZA:

First a little about the company, then we'll cover the full case specs.

AZZA®s Mission is simple: You satisfaction is our success!

Jumpstarted with the Vision to build a premier corporate company that consistently exceeds the managed expectations of our customers, team members and partners, AZZA is driven by the Mission to provide the highest quality products of unmatched value, along with exemplary customer support. We do this via the efforts of a highly dedicated, professional, productive and experienced workforce who shares a commitment to the long-term growth and success of the company.




Below is an image of the entire specifications of this case - pulled from the product page for your convenience.


First Thoughts/Impressions:

As I pulled the case from its packaging I was quite impressed with the massive side fan, 23cm is huge! In addition to 4 other good sized fans I would figure that it had really excellent cooling ability.

 Front Profile
Front Profile
 Back Profile
Back Profile


It reminds me of the Antec 900 gamer chassis that has gained popularity recently, with a little tray above the I/O panel and PSU on the bottom, there are many similarities. As well, most custom builders won't like this case since it has very little room in the backside to hide cables.  While it does provide some holes to go back there, there is only room to permit a few cables.


Going against the flow, a case without a door is rare.  However in some situations I think this is a welcome change.  With slots open for only 3 optical drives it gives us a second fan to fill the gap.  Most cases come with only 1 fan in the front, the other is optional.  Seriously, who is going to need more than 3 bays up there anyway?  If you use 2 for optical drives and one for card reader that should fill most users needs.  I will give Azza points for including a second fan in the front.



Every gamer knows that the secret to having a kick-ass case is how well it manages cables (also there is some user skill involved). This case has some holes to thread cables through the back and a nice tunnel between the motherboard and drive bays to lay cables. Very nice to work in; little if any rough metal edges to gouge yourself on.


If you've read a few of our latest case reviews, you know we have been measuring temperatures on the motherboard, CPU and GPU to determine which case cools the best.  We try to keep the ambient temperature consistent and the results are yours below.

Even with the massive side fan it definitely wasn't as good as the Zero 2.  The motherboard however, seemed to like it a lot.


I enjoyed the Azza Solano case very much; while it doesn't make the top grade mark it has some redeeming features. Nice cable management, no door, medium cooling performance. For $150 Canadian at NCIX without a PSU it will take a bite out of your wallet, but that's what you pay for quality these days.



I'd like to thank Azza for sending out the Solano 1000 case for us to review.  If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the forum at the "Comments" link below.