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Today we have the chance to have a look at the Samsung SyncMaster CA750 LED 27" wide screen LCD with a 1920x1080 @ 60Hz.  It supports a wireless USB connections, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, Ethernet and HDMI. It comes with a dual hinge base that allows it to sit nice and low or tall enough to sit above your laptop screen for some great dual-screen possibilities.  The biggest features of this 27" display is not the resolution - at 1080p, it doesn't have the tightest pixel density at all - in fact some 15" laptop screens have the same resolution on a panel that is 12" smaller.  The biggest feature is the wireless display technology.  Samsung has combined this wireless screen technology with their "Central Station" which turns this into a pretty robust wireless docking station.

The Wireless Display (WiDi) technology is probably one of the biggest selling points of this $500 LCD, and if you're not familiar with this Intel piece of technology, make sure you check it out over here to see how it all works.  We'll find out later if there is enough bandwidth to really make it work well.


First Impressions:

When I first opened the package, I was almost overwhelmed at the size of this LCD.  I'm used to a 19" LCD so the move up to something this much bigger took a while to get used to.  I had to clear out some extra space on my desk so I could take a look at everything that came with it.  Included in the box is the external power brick for the display, as well as various manuals, quick install guides, a VGA cable and the wireless dongle for use with your laptop or desktop PC.  As a bonus, Samsung also threw in a nice little cloth for cleaning your screen.  The finish is glossy so you're going to need the cloth on both the front and back if you want to keep it looking spiffy.



Closer Look:

According to the specifications and features, this is no ordinary monitor.  As we take a look around the base of the unit, you'll probably agree.  Their are no connections on the panel portion of the LCD itself as all of the connections happen in the base.  This is not a first for Samsung as we saw the UN55C9000 Ultra-thin 3D HDTV do the same thing.  The idea is pretty slick for sure and it allows for the cable connections to be kept low on your desk and helps tame the cable clutter that can happen - especially if you plug cables into every port on this display.  If you filled every port (2x USB 3.0, 1x HDMI, 1x Headphone, 2x USB 2.0, 1x VGA, 1x Ethernet, 1x USB 3.0 uplink + power) you'd have quite a lot of clutter.  Having the ports pretty much level with the top of your desk will greatly help.

USB 3.0 & HDMI
USB 3.0 & HDMI
USB 2.0 Ports
USB 2.0 Ports
VGA, LAN, USB 3.0 & Power
VGA, LAN, USB 3.0 & Power

It's interesting that their is no DVI-D connection on this screen.  It only supports the older 15-pin VGA connection as well as an HDMI connection.  It is of course HDCP compliant so you can plug in your favorite HDMI-enabled Blu-Ray player without issues.  The VGA connection ensures that it will work with a wired connection from older computers.  I guess, the big features is still the wireless USB dongle that allows you to keep everything connected without plugging a single thing into your laptop.  It is a great idea - if it works as advertised.

Glossy Rear
Glossy Rear


On the next page we'll take a look at the features before we jump into specifications and testing the unit out.



The C27A750X is big on features and Samsung even has an entire "Microsite" devoted to the Central Station features of this LCD.  If you want to know almost everything there is to know about it, check out the link above.  Also check out the main page for the LCD for all of the raw specifications and details.  We've included a few of them below for your convenience, but for all of the details - as always - please check out the product page.


The Samsung Hub Monitor CA750 harnesses the latest wireless technology, now faster and more energy efficient, to deliver a completely new monitor experience. Features such as USB3.0, USB Hub (with 4 USB ports) and the stylish wireless dongle open up huge possibilities. And then there is Auto Wireless Detection, superfast data transferring and fast built-in LAN connections for a streamlined performance. The CA750 even allows for multiple note PCs (with a dongle) to wirelessly access it, while with a cable connection, any individual PC can establish a connection – a truly fantastic idea that’s now a reality. So, experience the ultimate wireless hub with the CA750 Hub Monitor.

Life’s simpler with multiple PC access, auto detection, and fast dual monitor set-up
Realise a simpler life with one simple connection. The Samsung Hub Monitor CA750 automatically connects wirelessly to your note PC and conveniently unburdens your work, your day and your desk from messy cables. The auto wireless detection ingeniously determines whether your PC has wireless capabilities and then establishes a connection.

Work smarter with new wireless connections
The Samsung Hub Monitor CA750 is bursting with new wireless features, introducing amazing new levels of usability and convenience. Not requiring a LAN cable with the PC, the CA750 utilises a new stylish and compact dongle for superfast Ultra Wide Band connection. Its smooth and slim-line design ensures that staying connected is simple and hassle free. It is the ideal wireless connection. Whether you’re accessing via a note PC or with a friends’ laptop, the multiple connectivity gives loads of choice to enhance your experience.

Enjoy easy connections with Hub Monitor
Want a simplified process for internet connection? Connecting to the internet via the Samsung Hub Monitor CA750 is just a matter of getting closer together. Simply place your note PC in closed range to the CA750 and it will automatically connect to the internet. And with the option of manually setting the auto detection, you can simply turn the service on or off, depending on whether you prefer auto detection of your note PC or not.

USB 3.0 and USB Hub keeps your mobile devices connected, charged and ready to go.
Streaming, transferring, uploading or even charging…whatever you need to do, it’s now a whole lot easier with the Samsung Hub Monitor CA750. Say goodbye to cumbersome docking stations that clutter up your desk, and connect all of your devices with via the Hub Monitor’s USB 3.0, USB Ethernet and USB Hub.

Faster, easier and smoother transfers with USB 3.0
As the world’s first monitor with USB 3.0, The Samsung Hub Monitor CA750 offers superfast data transfers where a 276GB movie file can be transferred in a staggering 1 minute and 10 seconds. It is speed that will transform your experience. All your tasks, from surfing the net to watching videos, will benefit from less disturbances and a smoother operation. And it isn’t just faster data transferring that’s better, the embedded USB 3.0 allows for faster recharging of mobile devices, charging twice as fast as the previous USB 2.0 even without having to turn on your note PC. So, enjoy the extra time.

Enjoy Ethernet connections through USB connection
Connecting your CA750 to the internet with the Ethernet cable means that your note PC can gain access without any additional plug-in LAN cables. If there is already a wireless connection ready with dongle, the Hub Monitor will automatically detect a connection, saving the need for the USB cable. Or, simply plug in the USB cable from the CA750 to enjoy a connection to both the CA750 and note PC. So, going online is easy and no longer relies on finding another LAN cable. This CA750 is as much a monitor as it is a reliable source of internet.

Keep connected without the fuss with USB Hub
The Samsung CA750 is ready to live up to its title as the Hub Monitor and will tidy up your desk with hassle-free connectivity for your mobile devices. The built-in USB Hub replaces the need for a docking station and with four USB connectors, it is certain to reduce time wasted in pulling in and out cables when taking your note book out with you. Keep it simple with the USB Hub and its USB 3.0 / 2.0 connections. It is the easiest and simplest way of connecting all your mobile devices.

Optimize performance with auto configuration
Do not waste time trying to reconfigure your CA750 with your note PC. The CA750 automatically optimises configurations such as resolutions settings once the USB connection has been established. It is just another intelligent CA750 feature that not only saves you time but also enhances the overall experience.

Enjoy a dual monitor that is brilliant and ergonomic.
Enjoy the ultimate viewing experience with a screen that benefits from dual hinge stand technology Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio and Samsung Magic Angle. It serves as the perfect dual monitor, where you can expand your screen size for easier multitasking. It adjusts vertically, so you can angle it to meet your exact needs.

Optimize your viewing experience with the Dual Hinge Stand
To enhance your viewing experience, the Hub Monitor CA750 features a Dual Hinge Stand for an expansive dual display set up. You can now position your second screen at the perfect, ergonomic angle for easy working and optimum comfort. If the task at hand requires a wide-view panorama, place the Hub Monitor CA750 alongside your PC or other multimedia device and angle it accordingly. If you’re dealing with lengthy content that requires extensive scrolling, position and raise the screen behind and above notebook. A tilt angle of 20 degrees and eye-level adjustment of 27-102 mm offer you complete flexibility.

Upgrade to the next level with Mega Dynamic Contrast
Experience amazing new levels of colour, brilliance and picture quality through the very latest in Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio. The Samsung Hub Monitor CA750 delivers images so real-to-life that it will transform your whole viewing experience. Packed with breathtaking 5000000:1 contrast ratio, the highest level currently available, the CA750 ensures that blacks are at their absolute darkest and (with pristine whites) colours are at their brightest. You will immediately notice the crystal clear picture and its unbelievable intensity. It is like an explosion of colours and leaves other screens seeming dull in comparison.

See it your way with wider viewing angles
How do you like to watch movies? Do you like lying down on the couch? Sitting in your favourite chair? Cooking or exercising? Whether you’re standing, sitting or lying down, Samsung Magic Angle makes sure that the movie always takes centre stage and that you’re always comfortable. This means, thanks to the 5-mode angle management, that whatever angle you watch your Samsung monitor, you will enjoy a full visual experience with amazing picture clarity. So, start seeing your favourite movies and other multimedia in total comfort and without limitations thanks to Samsung Magic Angle.


On the next page we'll take a look at the specifications before we jump into testing. 



  • USB 3.0
  • Wireless
  • Auto Wireless Detection
  • Auto Power Off
  • Samsung MagicColor, Samsung MagicAngle, Samsung MagicBright Samsung Magic Function
  • Eco Saving
  • USB3.0 super power


  • Energy Star, EFEAT Gold Energy / Environment Mark
  • AC100 - 240 V 50 / 60 Hz Power Supply
  • 41 W Power Consumption (Typ)
  • 0.7 W DPMS

Accessory in Box

  • Install CD
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • External adapter Power Cable
  • Wireless Dongle
  • Not support any wall mount Vesa Wall Mount Support
  • D-sub Cable
  • No (Optional) HDMI Cable
  • USB3.0

Inputs & Outputs

  • 1 D-Sub
  • 1 HDMI:
  • 1UP / 4DN (1UP / 2DN USB3.0, 2DN USB2.0) USB
  • Ethernet (Lan)
  • Audio Out (Stereo out)


  • 725 x 466 x 183 Package Weight (kg)
  • 638.6 x 485.4 x 232.8 mm Set Size (WxHxD) with Stand


  • 27" (16 : 9) Screen Size
  • 1920 x 1080 Resolution
  • 300 cd/m² Brightness
  • MEGA DCR Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • 2 ms Response time
  • 170 / 160 Viewing Angle (H/V)
  • 16.7 M Color Supported
  • 60 Hz Refresh Rate


  • 6.5 Package Weight (kg)
  • 4.1 Set Weight with Stand (kg)







On the last page, we'll cover testing as well as share our final thoughts as we wrap up the review.


Performance - Text:

While I'm certainly a gamer, the truth is that the majority of my use and is text and internet browsing.  I love large screen size of the C27A750X as it allows me to put two web pages on screen side-by-side (Windows 7 is great for this).  I was very pleased with the overall text quality.  The resolution on this 27" unit is fairly typical 1920x1080 but the large dot-pitch can make some small text appear a bit fussy.  The truth is that even with a screen this size, you will often site the same distance away from it as you would a 24" unit so while things are larger, the coarser dot pitch makes some things not quite as clear as on a 24" or 22" 1080p display.


Performance - Video:

I didn't have much time to watch movies, but I did make sure to watch some movies on the C27A750X.  Both VGA and HDMI connections performed very well and I noticed no issues with the screen for watching movies.  The large 27" screen size is great for watching movies at your desk and if you've hooked your PC up through the VGA or wireless connection you can use the HDMI for use on your Blu-Ray player, Xbox 360 or PS3.

We used a monitor test to check out color uniformity and color banding.  Overall, the monitor performs quite well in these areas.  There is slight banding on some tests and the grey gradient test, but I've yet to see a monitor personally that can pass this without any banding at all.

Grey Banding
Grey Banding


Performance - Gaming:

I'm a gamer so I couldn't wait to test out the quality of the 1920x1080 display.  This was hooked up to my ATI Radeon HD 5850 graphics card with all of the eye-candy turned up.  I enjoyed playing Call of Duty: Black Ops on the unit and couldn't get over how great everything looked.  It was so crisp, clear and bright compared to my 19" LCD.   I also played some Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on it through the HDMI connection and again it was a great experience.  There were no hiccups or ghosting issues at all on the display as it comes set with a 2ms grey-to-grey response time.  This should make everything that is connected to the wired interface run great.

I used the headset connection as well as the display will take audio from your HDMI connection and output it through the analog 1/8" jack.  I found that the signal processing in the monitor leaves a bit to be desired as the audio through the headset jack wasn't all that great.



To test out the wireless you will need to put the CD in your machine and install the drivers.  This procedure takes a bit of time to setup properly - but once it's done it's a pretty nifty feature.  In order to make everything as seamless and "wireless" as possible, it's a good idea to have a wireless keyboard and mouse combo hooked up to the monitor.  If you have an extra wired keyboard or mouse, you can use this as well and it will still connect wirelessly to your PC when the screen is connected wirelessly.

The image quality wasn't too bad at all, but for fast-moving video it did become a little pixelated - it wasn't major, but it was noticeable on video so keep that in mind if you are planning on using it primarily as a wireless display for full 1080p video.

As far as distance goes, the video was able to play pretty smoothly at a distance of six feet but when moving out to 8 - 9 feet, it started to lose signal.  The WiDi technology is meant to be used a quite a short range and for this it works very well, but if you try and extend this beyond it's designed range, you'll be disappointed.  Samsung promoted and demo's this unit as a wireless dock for your laptop that is used within a foot or so of the display and this is definitely it's sweet spot and it does work very well for this.

It's pretty remarkable that you can have your printer, external hard drive and media player or phone plugged into your LCD and when you're laptop gets within distance - everything gets connected and works.  It's very surreal the first few times it happens.

USB Connection:

When testing the USB connections, the best way to take advantage of the wireless connection to your PC is to use a wireless keyboard and mouse.  This makes everything run very smooth but the video tends to pixelate.  If the image quality degrades too much it will scale the resolution down to 1280x720p, but it's too bad that it can't run at a full 1080p - and do it smoothly.

If you want to change inputs from wireless to HDMI or VGA (analog), you can do this very simply by controls located on the base of the monitor.  There is a selection pad that allows you to use directional arrows to change from any of these inputs.


Final Thoughts:

The C27A750X 27" LED Backlit Wireless LCD is a very nice monitor for a 27" display.  When connected by HDMI, it is super clear, crisp and will be an attractive addition to any desk workspace.  If you use and enjoy multiple connections - such as the USB 3.0, HDMI and VGA connections it works very well - especially if you're set up with a wireless mouse and keyboard.  I'm not into changing screens between multiple computers, but it was nice for testing for sure.  I know that Zeus would be all about this display as he could hook up his Xbox 360 to it as well as his laptop and main gaming rig.

The price is a bit steep at $600, but I've found it online for as little as $500 - and for that price, it might be a compelling buy for someone that wants a wireless display and a hub to get things done faster without plugging in everything.  For me personally, it has features that I wouldn't use very much, but for a power-user that wants more than their standard monitor has to offer, the C27A750X has a lot more to offer.  For those of you that simply want to connect it to one machine and watch movies or play games on a monitor, it may be more than you need.  Still, it is a very nice setup.

The build quality of the C27A750X is pretty decent for sure.  It seems to be quite solid and should provide years of service.  BCCHardware has tested some displays that have felt very cheap; nothing about the C27A750X is cheap.

The dual-hinge design is quite simple and yet provides a lot of flexibility for height adjustment and this will work well beside another display or above your laptop.  I'm a fan of this design as it looks much more stylish than a simple telescoping stand.


  • Nice big screen
  • Sleek, thin design
  • Great image and video quality when connected by wires


  • A bit expensive at ~$550 for a 1080p display
  • More options than I would use
  • Audio out (Digital HDMI -> Analog Stereo) not great quality
  • No HDMI Cable




I'd like to thank Samsung for sending us this display for us to review.  I will certainly miss it and dread going back to my 19" widescreen LCD.

If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the forum at the "Comments" link below.