OCZ Throttle 16GB eSATA Flash Drive


Product: OCZ Throttle eSATA 16GB Flash Drive
Provided by: OCZ Technology
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Today we have a new player in the market, well, not the company but the product - an eSATA flash drive from OCZ. They have been making pretty good flash drives for a while now, however we will see just how much this technology is better than USB and is it worth it?



  • eSATA interface (plug directly into any compatible motherboard or laptop with     powered eSATA port)       
  • Additional mini USB 2.0 port (type B)       
  • Dimensions: (L)79.1mm x (W)29.9mm x (H)10.3mm       
  • Read: Up to 90MB/sec*       
  • Write: Up to 30MB/sec*
  • True Plug and Play       
  • Available in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB capacities       
  • Includes mini USB cable for non-powered eSATA ports or USB access       
  • 2-year Warranty



The Throttle comes in 8, 16 and 32 GB modules, we have the 16 GB version here. This technology is on the cutting edge, it uses powered eSATA ports which are not that common, luckily the drive can be powered by an included USB cable, which saved my but because I don't have powered eSATA.  Apparently, most laptops that come with eSATA have powered ports, so this might have a better fit with a mobile computer than with your desktop unit.


The market is definitely lowered significantly for now because of this technology, and even though it has the USB it does limit the portability factor. People buy flash drives because it is easy and quick to use. Once you plug it in, it's ready to use.

 Throttle Side
Throttle Side
 Throttle Back
Throttle Back


I don't like the lack of a clip or a hole on the drive, so a chain would be useless. The chain is a big feature for me since I love to hang the drive around my neck or on my key chain, the lack of this disappoints me.



Now comes the moment of truth, the benchmarks.

As you can see in the tests, the write and read speed are pretty much right on target, it is slightly lower than it is rated, but that is to be expected as the values are theoretical. Still as most USB drives are still 30mb/s read and 15mb/s write this drive performs nearly 3 times as well in reading and 2 times in writing. That's pretty impressive.



We see here the dawning of a new era in flash technology, while they aren't as portable due to the lack of powered eSATA, as powered eSATA ports become more common these drives will become more useful. While I would really like a chain hole, possibly future versions will include this. For around the same price as a mid range USB drive of the same size I would recommend these drives as future-proof.



  • Extremely Fast
  • Can be USB Powered if no powered eSATA available
  • Very affordable for "new" technology



  • No "chain" hole
  • Powered eSATA is not widely available - yet



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I'd like to thank OCZ for sending along this little flash drive.  It's probably the fastest thing I've plugged into a port on my computer.  Please feel free to leave your comments and questions at the link below.