Genius HS-200 Gold In-Ear Headset


Product: Genius HS-200 Gold In-Ear Headset
Provided By: Genius

Price:  ~$20.00



I love listening to music, and I will also listen to just about any kind of music at least once.  When I listen to music I demand good quality sound.  When I first looked at the packaging, I thought, the Genius HS-200 looked clean and professional designed, so the quality must be at least pretty good.  I also took note of the name Genius as it was one unfamiliar to me, as the saying goes, you can’t always judge a book by its cover. Genius is much more popular in other place of the world, but they are trying to grow their presence here in North America.

Genius HS-200

When I finally got to test this headset out, I sure was surprised but we will get into that in a little bit.  First let's find out a bit more about Genius, then we'll talk about the other features. 


About Genius:

Genius is headquartered in Taipei and they've been around since 1983 - so they know a thing or two about consumer electronics.  Their overall revenue was up last year and totaled $341 Million - so they aren't all that small either.  They make computer mice, keyboards, tablets as well as speakers, headsets and gaming devices.  They also make webcams, and other digital video cameras.  Below is a brief outline of their vision and mission.

Vision: Create Infinite Value With a Magic Touch

Our business model, the conglomeration of OBM and OEM is run very effectively, which not only created unprecedented sales revenue growth for five continuous years for KYE but also created tremendous profit to our customers and shareholders. KYE expects to continually grow in the coming future.

Competition is everywhere in the IT industry. To cope with this challenge, KYE will keep enhancing its core technology not only in Pointing Devices, Digital Imaging and Gaming products for PC, but also developing more accessories and components for mobile phones.

KYE has envisioned this trend, and will “Create Infinite Value with a Magic Touch”. We believe this can be accomplished through the Magic Touch of KYE products, which can bring convenience, efficiency, and entertainment to all of us. We expect this trend will enable us to reach double-digit sales growth in the next ten years.


Mission: Create a Totally Free Environment & Enjoyment

To envision and to fulfill our goal of creating an agile wireless world, KYE has dedicated its major resource in core wireless technology to design and innovate a totally free environment of personal interface products. Since the boundary between IT industry and consumer electronic field is not as clear as before, our target market is not only in the IT field but also in the mobile phone segment. Therefore, KYE stipulates “Create a Totally Free Enjoyment & Environment” as its mission.

Based on this mission, KYE has numerous product and marketing plans this year so you will see many new innovative products (wireless input device, digital camera, home theater, .etc). We expect these new products will bring more fun to the user, so all of us can benefit from it.


On the next page we'll go over the features we referred to earlier.



The HS-200 Gold headset comes with 3 sizes of ear tips: small, medium and large.  This should allow you to find a good fit for your comfort level.  However, it is very important that you get the right size for your ears as if you end up using the wrong size you may not get the best listening quality.  I found that with the small size, the bass was lacking, but with the large size, the treble was lacking.  In the end the medium size was the best choice for me as it provided good levels all around, not to mention it fit the best in my sound holes.  Another feature I noticed was that the cord - although is like a normal rubber cord - feels stronger than that of other headsets and earphones I have experienced.  This is a plus.



Although the cord feels more durable, the downside is that it gets tangled as easily as the others.  Another upside however, is that the cord length is the perfect size.  Other in-ear headsets or earphones that I've used have a cord that is always too short or too long.  With this headset, it’s just the right length.  The clothing clip is great though as its low profile and yet you can position it anywhere on the cord that best suits you and where you need it most. 


The control unit on the cord that holds the mic, volume and connect/disconnect button seems a little bit fragile.  I have not tested the strength of it per se, but it might crack or break if you are too rough with it.  That aside, the in-line volume control is a great feature and it is usually something I demand on any headset that I get.  I did notice that if my phone was on full volume and the in-line volume was at zero, you would still be able to hear the music faintly, but I have no qualms with that.  The connect/disconnect button works as expected and is easy to use.


 On the last page we'll cover testing and draw some conclusions.


Sound and Microphone Quality:

After testing these out I was pretty amazed at how great the sound quality is, especially when playing music.  These are far better than the Philips ear buds that I currently have.  There is also no drop off of in call sound quality either.  When testing, I found it was just as good as when having the phone pressed up against the ear.  The superior sound quality alone has easily made me choose to replace my Philips ear buds with this Genius headset.  I cannot say enough about how great the quality is.

The mic quality on the other hand varies a bit and based on testing, is just a little bit worse than if you were holding the phone like normal.  When I let it rest against my clothes and talked with my head facing forward the mic, quality gets a little muffled and is reduced a little.  After tilting my head forward or lifting and angling the mic toward my mouth, the quality got better and was almost as good as holding the phone like normal when on a call.  This is pretty typical of an in-line microphone, but is worth noting for those of you not familiar with in-line mics.



The Genius HS-Gold In-Ear Headset and its superior sound quality makes it great for listening to music and phone calls.  It has has easily replaced my Philips ear buds on that alone.  The great quality of sound far out-performs other more expensive earphones and headsets on the market today.  If in-call mic quality is not a huge issue, than I would suggest a pair of these, as they are great for if you are riding a bike, mowing your lawn or going on a walk.  The in-cord control unit is a little bit fragile but as long as you are not too rough with it you should be fine.  All in all, this headset is worth the money based on sound quality alone and gets an 8.8 out of 10.



  • Reasonable Price at $20.00
  • Amazing sound quality
  • In-line control unit for mic/volume/call answer and hang up button
  • Gold tipped connector
  • Slightly stronger cord
  • Great comfort



  • Control unit is a little fragile
  • Mic quality is decent




I'd like to thank Genius for introducing themselves to BCCHardware (and myself).  We look forward to taking a look at more of their products in the future.  If they all have great quality and excellent value, they will be around for many more years.

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