Genius Mordax Universal Amplified Gaming Headset


Product: Genius Mordax Universal Amplified Gaming Headset
Provided By: Genius (GX-Gaming)
Price: ~$60 Online at time of publication


Today we'll be taking a look at the Genius Mordax Universal Amplified Gaming Headset. This is one of four headsets offered in the GX Gaming series. The Genius Mordax is compatible with PC, Xbox, PS3 and Mac applications. Genius started the GX Gaming series in 2011 specializing in customizable, ergonomic and affordable gaming peripherals. The GX Gaming series of products include Mice, keyboards, headsets and speakers as well as gaming surfaces.

Box of Mordax


A clip from their site:
"The Scorpion is employed as the spiritual symbol for the GX Gaming Series. The Scorpion, spawned from the frenzied flames burning throughout the underworld, has been through tremendous trials and tribulations and has risen from the burning embers as an immortal being. And so, with the GX Gaming Series, players can easily conquer all challenges that are cast their way just like the immortal Scorpion."


This is an impressive quote from the GX Gaming website. Let's see how the Genius Mordax Universal Gaming headset performs.


First Look:

The first thing I noticed after removing the Genius Mordax from the easy-to-open packaging, was how incredibly lightweight the headset is. Most of the headset set is made out of high gloss, thin black plastic. Being so light, and with the materials used, kind of gives the Mordax headset somewhat of a fragile feel. You will definitely want to take care of this headset.

Top Band

Looking a bit closer at the thick padded headband you can see the shiny GX Gaming logo popping out of the flat finish of the leathery material. Just below the headband on both sides there is an expansion slot that expands up to 1 and 1/8 of an inch giving you a total of 2 and 1/4 inches of adjustment. So if you are normal or have a gigantic melon like me, you should be able to get a good snug fit out of the Genius Mordax headphones. 


The large pivoting ear cups have the same soft cushion and smooth leathery material as the headband. The outer side of the ear cups has an image of a scorpion which is the trademark of the GX-Gaming series of products. Right below the logo there is a "U" shaped lime green inlay. The Mordax headset is one of a few products in the GX series that is not all red and black. My thoughts on this was maybe Genius is trying to grab the attention of certain console players as the green color is pretty close to the color found on certain game cases. Whether or not this is the case, the green inlay adds some much needed color.

Ear Cup Left Side Side View


The lower left side of the headset is where you'll find the female end for the detachable microphone. The microphone itself seems to be pretty heavy duty and can be manipulated into the appropriate speaking position.


Just below the microphone is the main cable leading to the volume box. The volume box is where you can select PC or GAME (console) with the selector switch depending on how you are using the Mordax. The volume box has a large mute button for your microphone with a green/red LED indicator so there is no mistake whether or not muted or unmuted. The volume wheel is on the opposite side of the selector switch and has a clear indicator shown in circles from small to large to show the volume up or down. On the backside of the volume box is a clip to attach to your shirt which I recommend because the volume box likes to get hung up on the edges of your desk. There is also a 2.5mm jack next to the main output cable for Xbox live communication.



The thick, rubber coated main cable is a lengthy 10 feet. This is good because when you are playing a game on a large flat screen in the living room you should still be able to sit back on the couch comfortably.

On the next page we'll look at some of the features and specifications before we jump into installation and testing.



The following features and specifications have been pulled from the Genius product page and posted here for your convenience. As always, please make sure to check out the product page for all the little details as we've only posted a few bits here for your convenience.

GX Gaming unleashes the Mordax, its new universal gaming headset for PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and PS3 systems. Pro gamers play games on multiple platforms, so the Mordax comes fully-loaded with the audio artillery needed to deliver explosive sound quality on each respective system. The Mordax features a built-in amplifier and 40mm neodymium driver unit to generate chest-thumping bass performance. Additionally, the Mordax also supports platform-specific chat functionality via a detachable microphone that’s both adjustable and easy to store.

The Mordax gaming headset is the premium personal audio solution for multiple platform pro gamers.




Installation for the Genius Mordax Gaming headset couldn't be any easier. For the PC simply find an available USB port and plug it in. Make sure the volume box selector switch in set to PC and you are ready to go. Setting up the Mordax for console games is pretty easy as well. The instructions have schematic diagrams for whatever setup you need. Just find the diagram of your system and use the included 3.5mm RCA stereo splitter and/or the 2.5mm Xbox Live splitter.

USB Cable RCA Cables Xbox Mic Cable


On the name page, we'll cover testing of this headset as we continue.


When I get a new headset the very first thing I like to do is to plug it in to my iPod. I have a good selection of music to test bass, midrange and treble. I was a little disappointed after plugging the Mordax into my iPod and there was no sound. The Mordax needs power from the USB plug in order to work because of the built in amplifier.



One thing I really like about the Genius Mordax Gaming headset is the bass. The bass is awesome! I went on YouTube and clicked on a few HD bass tests and the Mordax pumped out all the frequencies of bass with little or no distortion. It sounded kind of like sitting in the back of a souped up car with a big subwoofer in the trunk.

Volume Control - Side Volume Control - Other Side


The mid-range and the treble of the Mordax is just okay to me. It's not bad, just not great. Listening to some old Metallica sounds flat or hollow; like it's missing something. I really wish I had some EQ software to play around with the sound.

The microphone on the Genius Mordax is superb. My friends on TeamSpeak couldn't believe how clear my voice was. Especially after my last broken headset Frankenstein setup. The Mordax microphone seems to be directional, letting only the sound from the direction of my mouth. I used the voice recorder within TeamSpeak to hear for myself and yeah...The microphone is awesome. All I heard was my strange voice with no background hiss or anything.

I played a lot of World of Tanks with the Genius Mordax. When you are trying to get enough EXP in the game to unlock your next tank or you are taking advantage of the weekend specials the game has, you can end up playing for quite a long time. I found myself playing for 10 straight hours and I actually forgot I was wearing the Mordax headset. The bottom line is gaming for long periods of time with the Genius Mordax is very enjoyable. It took a long time of constant gaming before I started to feel any discomfort at all.

Top View



So what’s the verdict? Well, I feel that the Genius Mordax Universal Amplified Gaming Headset overall is a pretty good headset. You can wear it for quite a while without any discomfort, it has a crystal clear, high quality microphone and the speakers have really awesome bass. The 10 foot rubber coated cable should allow you to play in comfort whether you are sitting on the couch or behind a desk.

I would recommend the Genius Mordax Gaming headset to the casual gamer all day long. However, to the audiophile - not so much, as the mid-range seems like it could use some tweaking.

I found the Genius Mordax online selling for as low as $56.50 on Amazon and as high as $72 at Walmart. I think it is clear where you should purchase the Mordax headset from.

I'm going to score the Genius Mordax Gaming headset a respectable 8/10. Overall they are pretty good headset but they do have some flaws.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable headband
  • Great microphone
  • Great bass
  • 10 foot cable



  • Flat sound
  • Can't plug directly into an MP3 or smartphone
  • Feels fragile



I'd like to thank Genius for sending out this headseet for us to review. I've been pretty impressed with it over the last few weeks. Here's hoping that it holds up over time.

If you have any comments and questions, please post them in the forum at the link below.