Rosewill R-Studio Sonas Headset


Product: Rosewill R-Studio Sonas Headset
Provided By: Rosewill
Price: ~$79.99 Online at Time of Publication


I spend a lot of time listening to music, watching movies and playing computer games. Once one has done this for a while you start looking for better sound to increase the whole experience - especially when it comes to battlefield simulations. In this review we will be looking at a decent headset that I think meets this challenge quite well, but before I get ahead of myself let’s get into the mother company.

The set we are critiquing today is the over-the-ear R.Studio Sonas by Rosewill. Now, Rosewill is an up and coming brand that builds most things computer, from the case to the peripherals, cooling to some home security and server chassis and much more! They seem to be offering a decent product for a price that won’t leave you starving after purchasing it.

Sonas Box


The Sonas is quite a unit that seems to take some of it's styling from Beats by Dr. Dre, but for a lot less than what people are paying for Beats. The Sonas rings in at $79.99 and are not a weakling in the fight for superior audio!

For that price you get eight driver units, providing nice surround sound.

Sonas Bundle Sonas Cables


First Look:

When you take your first glimpse at the packaging you see the slip cover, which consists of a clean white background, then you view nice graphics of the product placed around the box and also the Rosewill logo. On one edge of the box they display their R.Studio series goal and on the direct back you can see some specs, box contents as well as a few different views of the product. Once you remove the cover you get a black box that is magnetically closed and adds to the whole feeling of quality. After you open this layer, you will find the user manual, and once that is removed you can see the Sonas in all of its glory. They have it sitting in a molded plastic that has a container below that contains the audio cables. All of this is covered with a clear molded plastic shield.

Sonas Bottom Sonas Profile


This is all good and dandy, but is the product inside as nice as all of the packaging would indicate? I would say, "Yes!" The way the headset was put in the packaging showed off its folding capabilities and managed all of this very neatly.

Inside the box with the cables we also find a travel bag that makes it more convenient for carrying all of the cables and the Sonas around.


Closer Look:

After you release the Sonas from its plastic prison you can unfold it to see it in the entirety of the exquisite, yet simple design. They are constructed of clean black plastic that looks to be of a good quality. All of the joints and extending sections of the Sonas are reinforced with metal for added strength. The vinyl that makes up the ear pads and part of the headband seems decent and not quite as cheap as many other brands. On the outside of the headphones, we also see the name displayed on the headband and the Rosewill logo is located proudly on the sides of the ear cups.

Sonas Folded Sonas Headband


Within the ear cups we find a thin black material covering the speakers and allowing the sound to reach the ears cleanly while offering protection for the driver and also keeping with the clean look that black adds to a product. They are comfortable and cover my ears well, although when I first saw them I was wondering whether that would be the case. I have relatively petite ears so if you have a large ear size they may not be as good for you.

The audio cable plugs in on the left side of the headset and has several cables to choose from. You can use the general purpose audio cable by itself or the PC cable as I do on my PC for extra length. Another cable contains the inline microphone and you can pair it up with your PC cable for extra length.

The cables are composed of mostly rubber and a little plastic as well as small amounts of metal on the ends to add some design to it. The cable with the inline microphone also has an elbow in the lower section of it and within the microphone section lies controls for pausing music or skipping back or forward and even answering phone calls (or ignoring those irritating ones). The button can even get you into voice commands! Also, the PC cable has a female connector on one end and splits into two male ends, one for microphone and the other for audio. The cables all look like they can take some wear which is good if you are hard on things as I am.

Rosewill has not cut corners on the details and the velvet bag is a pretty nice addition to the bundle. Not only does it look good, but it has a partition in it so you can store your headset and your cables on opposite sides!

On the next page, we'll take a look at the features and specifications as we continue.


The information, features and specifications below are taken from the Rosewill product page and posted below for your convenience. Please make sure to head on over to the product page for all of the details and updated information about the Sonas.

  • A total of 8 driver units provide precise audio positioning, giving gamers competitive edges.
  • Well padded headband and ultra-thick cushioned ear cups ensures the best and most comfortable fit.
  • Convenient Foldable Design
  • Sleek folding design with included carrying pouch allows for easy storage and transportation. When you do not use, just easily collapse the headphones into the carrying pouch.
  • PC Extension Cable included to provide Mic In + Line Out for PC
  • Audio Cable with Mic and Pickup Button to provide microphone, music control function, take/end call function for Apple & Samsung Smart Devices (functionality varies by smart device models)
  • 3.5mm audio cable supports all audio players.


General Specifications

Driver Unit 1x 50mm (50 Ohm) & 3x 13mm (16 Ohm) Per Channel
Frequency Response 5Hz -25Khz
Input Impedance 50 Ohm  & 16 Ohm
Sensitivity 105 +/- 3dB
Connector 3.5mm
Cable 1 x 4.9ft 3.5mm Audio Cable
1 x 3.3ft PC Extension Cable (Mic In + Line Out)
1 x 4.9ft Cable for Apple & Samsung Smart Devices with In-Line Mic & Pickup Button (functionality varies by smart device models)



Package Content

-Carrying Pouch
-User Manual
-4.9ft Audio Cable with Mic and Pickup Button
-4.9ft General Purpose 3.5mm Audio Cable
-3.3ft Audio Extension Cable for PC


On the next page, we'll cover testing as we jump more into the meat of this review.


I am not an expert in sound but I do love good audio. For the testing I mostly used my PC to give me the variety in sounds and hours of enjoyment.

I have to say that I really enjoyed the sound produced by this headset. At first I thought that it would be too bassy and that it would overpower every other sound, but it rarely did. The bass produced by the Sonas is a bit heavy and it did lessen the other audio on a few things, but it didn’t completely destroy the listening pleasure. For the most part it has been clean and you get to enjoying it immensely. Where this headset shines in with listening to music like metal and other heavy selections. Another area that the Sonas shines is in gaming. I played multiple shooters and each sounded superb. You could here where the firing was coming from and where the enemy was at times from their footfalls. I had a ton of fun using these while gaming.


When I first saw the audio cable connection the headset I was a bit concerned that it would be a problem and in reality it wasn’t. The only problem I had with the cables was the inline microphone. Where the cable joined the microphone body, the connection looked a bit lose and it made the sound distort and I periodically lost sound in one side of the headset if I moved the microphone module around much. This was a disappointment but not a deal breaker. I just removed that cable and used the one without the microphone. I also did some searching and discovered that this is not a widespread issue – and in fact it seems that I’m the only one that had this issue. All of the other connections and cables work great. The cables also seem to be able to take abuse as I roll over them with my computer chair periodically and the squish a bit but reform when you work them a tiny bit with your fingers.



The overall construction by Rosewill is something they can take pride in. The joints for the folding parts of the headset are reinforced with metal and seem quite strong. The headband adjustment is also reinforced with metal and is solid and stiff.

The only concerns I have would be that the black paint might eventually wear off of the metal pieces on the outside of the ears and that the cable connections will lose connectivity with use, but so far there is only small evidence that the paint will go but it will take a good while.

The Sonas is comfortable to wear for the most part but after 3-4 hours you start to feel the speakers biting into your ears a bit.
When I tested the microphone I noticed that the volume was a bit low and thin, but they do work in a pinch. The voice functions on my phone also worked well enough to understand what I was saying.



Rosewill can rest easy knowing they have made a good looking and well performing headset, although the flaw in the microphone cable was disappointing. The product still did very well. The longevity of the connections is yet to be determined, but I have high hopes for this beauty. The sound is a bit bassy, but is not outrageous, so these are still a great choice when comparing what you could get for $79.99!

If you are after a high end microphone then this is not for you, but if you want a great all around product that offers sound comparable to products twice the price, then I strongly urge you to try a set of the Rosewill Sonas out and see how they work for you.



  • Packaging
  • Construction
  • Price
  • Sound



  • Poor quality microphone cable
  • Causes minor soreness with extended usage


I'd like to thank Rosewill for sending over these headphones for us to review. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the forum at the link below.