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Product: ZOWIE GEAR Hammer Headset
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Are you a gamer, music fanatic, and or video type of person? If so, have we got an article for you! If you’re the type that likes to come home at the end of the day and relax to some tunes, a movie or just shoot up some people - in a game of course - then the Zowie Hammer headset is something to be looking for if it fits within your budget! Keep reading to find out more about the ZOWIE GEAR Hammer headset.

Hammer Box
Hammer Box


First Look:

When I opened up the box I thought these are going to be sweet! It felt like Christmas time already!  The box was easy to open up and I didn’t have to break a tooth or nail to get to the product. There are not a ton of goodies in the box, but when you pull it all out you've got an extension cord that connects to the cord attached to the head set for extra length. The cord is 1.2m; add the other cord which is 1.8m and you’re looking at 3.0m of cord. This is useful if you choose to connect to the back of your tower or you've joined Napoleon Dynamite's fan club for the longest cord possible! (Zeus) Also comes with switchable ear pads, one's a soft velor-like pad while the other one is a leather padded type which was on when I got the ZOWIE GEAR Hammer headset.



Closer Look:

Let’s take a closer look at the Hammer headset as we pull it out of the box. As I was wearing the headset I noticed the mic slides down on your left and extends a little bit but not by much. If you tug just a tad, you're able to adjust the headset to your fitting. Whether you've got a big head like a melon or a small head like mine, the ZOWIE GEAR Hammer headset will be able to make that fit. What’s cool about these types of headsets is that it has a single wire on one side instead of a double cord. That way you don't end up getting tangled in a mess like you would with the regular cheap ear phones. Moving along the cord you'll find a volume controller for sound and a switch for if you want mic or no mic.

 Headset Profile
Headset Profile
Volume Control
Volume Control


On the next page we'll take a look at the specs and features as well as do some "testing".


Features & Specs:

The following specifications have been pulled from the product page over here.


    * Superb Sound for Professional e-Sports
    * Clear and precise audio for better awareness and opponent detection
    * Specially designed headband that prevents bending damage
    * Reinforced microphone boom for long, durable life
    * Oversized leather cushioned ear pads maximizing comfort
    * Extra cloth ear cushions included
    * Plug & Play USB sound card providing the best quality everywhere ( USB version )



    * Frequency response : 15 - 25,000 Hz
    * Speaker dimension : 40 mm
    * Impedance : 32 ?
    * Sensitivity : 98 dB +/- 4dB
    * Cable length : 1.2m + 1.8m = 3.0m
    * Connectors : 3.5mm Gold-plated


    * Frequency range : 60 - 10,000 Hz
    * Directivity : Uni-directional
    * Impedance : Low
    * Sensitivity : -57dB +/- 4dB




Every gamer wants a good headset to play their game; they want the best of the best, especially if you’re playing FPS games. The other night I had fired up some CoD 5, I used to use an ordinary pair of ear phones that you’d use for your music playing device. When I got my hands on the ZOWIE GEAR Hammer headset, gaming was at a whole new level or should I say a whole new rank up! In a FPS game you want to hear every sound possible, you want to know who's coming up behind you so your able to get ready to knife em' up or a BBQ party with your flame thrower. I was at a Windows 7 Launch CoD 4 LAN party with these and they worked amazing. When hearing the bullets fire from your AK-47 are sharp, crisp and clear as well as the footprints coming behind/around you. Even playing some Unreal Tournament 2004 was good to test them on as this game had some background game music, weapon firing; the footsteps of the other players were clear as well as the voices in the game.

 Side View
Side View
 Hammer Time
Hammer Time


Movies and music

Stop! Hammer time! Can’t touch this! If you’re like me and have “Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer going through your head while reading, that’s funny because I sure did when I saw the name! On a daily basis, especially when I’m on the computer or out for a walk I listen to my tunes almost every day and there’s nothing like turning it up with some hardcore tunes from Skillet, KJ-52 or MC Hammer himself. Even some Keith Urban and some Miley Cyrus - if you’re a fan sounds pretty good and clear.  These don’t have a bass button on them but you can hear good rhythm and beat almost like there’s a party in your head! Country has the odd few beats but if you really want to test your senses rap/hip hop and rock will give it to you when it comes to amazing bass! I love watching movies with these as well. Why? Because it sounds like there’s surround sound, like as if it’s your own personal home movie theatre!! The sound is amazing, and way better than a simple head phones. When listening to music and watching movies you can hear the sounds in all directions.


Mic testing

Whether you are gaming or chatting on MSN, Skype or any other online source of chat it’s always fun to keep in touch with your buddies. Not only being able to stay in touch; you want to be able to hear their voices clearly as well. In a gaming situation such as playing CoD you can tell your teammate if someone’s coming up behind them and or watch their blind side. It’s an awesome strategy to help your team, your friend and you in the game and much faster than typing everything. I don’t use a lot of Skype, but I am a MSN fan! The ZOWIE GEAR Hammer headset works with MSN Messenger and if you’re like me you use MSN lots. I was testing the mic with an amazing friend of mine who was so wonderful in volunteering to be the guinea pig and to listen to my voice, not singing thankfully to test the mic part of it. There were some unclear parts but that was only due to the internet fuzz that caused a bit of static, but block that out and he sounded clear to my ears at the same time he was able to hear me clearly as I spoke.



As we’re coming to the end of this journey I'd like to say just a few words before we part; the ZOWIE GEAR Hammer headset is a great headset if everything you read was what you’re looking for. I found the headset very comfortable when wearing it compared to a pair that I had bought at Wal-Mart which weren’t so comfy after an hour or more. I wouldn’t say that they are noise canceling, but they do block out more sound from the ones I had bought and any cheap ear phones. Speaking of tuning out, it also works well when you get sick of your siblings whining at you when your volume is cranked!! For the record it’s a pretty good set for great sound!


  • Nice full, clear sound
  • Clear
  • Voice is clear on mic
  • Good price
  • Extra cord length
  • Easy to open and get out of box


  • None




I'd like to thank ZOWIE GEAR for sending us this headset for a review.  If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the forum at the "Comments" link below.