digiZoid Zo Personal Subwoofer


Product: DigiZoid Zo Personal Subwoofer
Provided By: DigiZoid
Price: $119 MSRP



Today, we will be taking a close look at a brand new product form digiZoid, the ZO. What is a ZO? A personal subwoofer, for any speaker system that uses a 3.5mm stereo pin for it’s input. This is a brand new product for digiZoid. I was wondering how they got a subwoofer, in such a small box. It is not your typical subwoofer. It is not even a speaker. It is a digital subwoofer; which sounds pretty interesting. The Zo is an electronic subwoofer designed with digiZoid’s new Smart Vector technology.

 Zo Box


First Impressions:

The Zo from digiZoid is packaged very nicely.  It is not surrounded by a bunch of plastic that you have to fight your way through. Instead, the Zo was packaged in it own flip top display box. The Zo is very small and compact, about the size of an mp3 player. It will easily fit into any pocket. The Zo does not have a lot of switches; in fact it only has one. The Zo also comes with two 3.5mm cables and a USB, everything you need to try it out!

 Zo Open Box
Zo Open Box
Zo Cables
Zo Cables



Testing this was extremely easy. I just attached the Zo to every speaker system that I could find. I tried it on my mp3 player. It did great. I noticed a big increase in bass and over the whole sound range. Next, I tried it on some desk top speakers. Wow, what a change it made. After that, I attached the Zo to my mp3 player then my car stereo. I noticed a significant improvement, over just the mp3 player.

Zo Top
Zo Top
Zo Profile
Zo Profile


The Zo doesn’t have a lot of adjustment, just one switch that has 32 different setting. The Zo has a lightscale indicator bar in middle that will change from green (lowest setting) to red (highest setting) as you go through the different setting. The same switch is also how you turn the Zo on and off.

Zo Green
Zo Green
Zo Red
Zo Red



Features & Specifications:

Listen big anytime, anywhere:
Being portable doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice big sound. The zo works seamlessly with your mp3/media player, computer, or car stereo to deliver powerful sound to any headphone, earbud, or loudspeaker. Also, with 32 levels of subwoofer intensity, you can customize the power to your music mood.

Control your domain:
No overwhelming numbers of buttons or confusing touch-screen menus to deal with. Just one thumb-wheel switch does it all: power the zo with a push and control it with a rotation. The zo also recalls the last subwoofer profile you used.

Bass your Style.
Get the power of a 12” sub out of a device about the size of an iPod® Nano. The sleek, black gloss case comes with a scratch-resistant coating, and finished in metallized silver details. And don’t freak out if you accidentally drop the zo, as it was designed with durability in mind.

Absolute integration.
Setup is simple - just connect the zo to the headphone jack of your media player using the supplied mini-stereo cable. Then, plug your headphones into the output of zo. It also comes with its own internal rechargeable battery, so it won’t drain your player (in fact, the zo extends its play time)!






AT first I wasn’t too impressed, but that changed after hearing the difference for myself. The Zo from digiZoid was very impressive with their new Smart Vector technology. It improved every speaker system I tried it on. If you are looking for something to pump up the bass on your Ipod, mp3 player or just your desk top speakers, the Zo is for you.


The Zo is very easy to set up and operate. Its size make very easy to carry with you anywhere you go. The Light Scale Indicator makes it easy to see what setting you are on. The Zo is very user friendly. There is no software to install or lose, just plug and play.
Overall, I liked it. As it says on the box: Blow your mind, Not your ears! I couldn’t have said it any better! 


  • Small size
  • Simple to operate
  • Easy to charge



  • No belt clip



I would like to thanks digiZoid for sending me the Zo. I was impressed. It was more than I was expecting. I will look forward to seeing any of their products.