Arctic Sound P311 Bluetooth Stereo Headset


Product: Arctic Sound P311 Bluetooth Stereo Headset
Provided By: Arctic Products

Price: MSRP $37.95



Arctic Cooling, or now known as Arctic Products, (as I recall hearing on Weekly Tech Update) has produced many items over the years with a wide variety of products in their portfolio. Today, Arctic has got us tuning into a Arctic Sound P311 Bluetooth Headset. In today’s ever growing world of technology, wireless headsets are becoming quite useful and handy in our everyday lives. Especially on the road, now a day’s most people have a cell phone at arm’s reach or so and if you’re like me it doesn’t leave my bubble. Cell’s have been around and changed over the years in the way they perform and such. Most of them now a days have Bluetooth capability, which you can use a Bluetooth headset leaving you ticket and hands free as well as saving you from serious damage in the long run!

Package Front
Package Back
Package Back


In The Box:

There is not a lot to say of what comes in the box, but the Arctic Sound P311 headset does have a nice protective and well built case you can stick your headset in for safe keeping and to keep it free of dust.  Also included is the user manual and a USB cable that can be used to charge the headset.  You will want to make sure it is charged up often - after all they are wireless and a dead headset doesn’t have great sound!

In The Package
In The Package




Features on this headset are pretty simple.  As I was reading how to sync it to my phone I glanced through the buttons on the manual. The phone picture/symbol is called the multifunction button; it’s called that for obvious reasons. You push that button to turn on and off the headset, answers and disconnect calls, play, pause and stop music. The headset has a clear ring circling the multifunction button, called the LED indicator light. This feature lets you know your headset is on and working other than looking pretty. When you’re charging it the light will be red and when the Arctic sound P311 is done charging the light is off. Syncing it to your device, the LED light will be flashing red and blue. When it blinks red the battery is low and blinking blue means it’s on. When turning the headset off the LED light will turn red after you hold for 3 sec.  If you’re listening to some Brittney Spears but got sick of her you can skip forward for something amazing like Skillet or skip backward to a previous song using the skip buttons! On the side of the headset it has the mic that will capture voice and the USB plug in for charging which takes about 2-3 hours to charge when it’s completely dead.

The following Features and Specs have been pulled from the Arctic product page and posted here for your convenience.

Main features

  • Invisible microphone included
  • Travel case included
  • Compatible with mobile phones
  • Supra-aural headphone features soft pads and ear cup style
  • High fidelity stereo sound, including powerful bass and crisp highs
  • Ideal for sports and on the go 


The ARCTIC Sound P311  is a well-made Bluetooth headset in terms of its design and function. Weighing only 71g, it is fairly small and compact – this makes it to be an ideal on the go companion. Since this is a Bluetooth wireless headset, it transfers audio signals over short distances. This means, it is compatible with laptops, mobile phones and music players that support Bluetooth.

The ARCTIC Sound P311 incorporates a one-size-fits-all headband. The soft pads and ear cup style offer great comfort and secure fit, even when doing sport. The good noise elimination ensures that you can truly enjoy your music. Its bendable arm allows users to easily fold and store the ARCTIC Sound P311 into the protective case that is included with purchase.

Compatible with Music Players and Mobile Phones
The design of the ARCTIC Sound P311 is also compatible with mobile phones, such as iPhone, Motorola, Nokia and Sony Ericsson. It has a built-in microphone on the headset. When there is an incoming call, the Inter-Call-Manager will play a ringtone into the headset. The music will then be paused and will resume after ending the call.

The right earphone is featured with five buttons. They help to answer a call, adjust the volume and forward/reverse the music. The mobile phone or the connected music player can just remain in your pocket. This gives you full freedom and access to all functions while still being flexible and hands-free at the same time.





Testing the headset was rather interesting to get used to as I’ve never used a bluetooth headset before. Connectivity was easy to follow through - simply hold for 3 sec for it to turn on then for 7 sec until the LED indicator flashes red and blue. You can now start syncing your device by following through with the directions and or simply finding the Bluetooth settings on your phone. A symbol should appear on your phone indicating Bluetooth is available, when turning the headset on you’ll hear a beep and a few other beeps that tells you your connected to your phone and or a similar message saying your connected. Once that is done your ready to go anywhere you please wire-free!  You can finally be rid of the cord knots and tangles, and go hands free with your phone in your pocket. You can go for a walk, or if you’re a speed demon on roller blades you won’t have to worry on dropping your device to the ground or come face to face with a tree! Too bad it isn’t water proof for all you shower singers out there, but doing dishes wasn’t too boring! If your phone is YouTube compatible your able to listen to videos too!  As far as comfort goes, it's not bad but wearing it for long periods of time bugged my ears as I don't typically find behind-the-neck earphones very comfortable.



Instead of resting/going over/on top of your head like a head band the head band of it goes around your head near your neck resting on your ears. On a side note, the P311 does have soft padding and is light to wear.  Call quality was slightly fuzzy but not horrible as you're still able to hear and get the message.  Music from your device is good and clear. You can either call people manually by searching/punching in numbers or pressing the multifunction button and saying out loud the person you want to call. It takes a few seconds to connect the call.  My voice was a bit soft/quiet for the other person to hear on the other end, but then again it can also depend on the person whether they are a loud talker or not. Other than that the headset is still pretty decent as it even lets you know when you have received a text message even when listening to music.  With my text messaging set on vibrate, music would pause for 2 seconds when receiving an incoming message. If your text messages are set to a tone it will most likely play that ringtone. What’s really cool is your phone doesn’t have to be within arm’s reach - you can be upstairs when your phone is downstairs and still be able to call and listen to music.



The more I use this product the more I love the multifunction capability of it.  I love the fact it can also be connected to a laptop or PC if it's Bluetooth enabled. I was able to listen to a movie that I was watching, listen to other music or catch up on my favorite podcasts from my PC.  Once it's paired you're good to go! Pretty much anything that has Bluetooth connectivity will work with this headset.  I didn’t try it with gaming, but if you can hear with a wired headset it will work the same. All you would have to do is configure the sound and voice settings in your control panel and you're off!  Again I was able to leave my rig running and be in another room and it still can pick up signal when I was jamming out. Although I went outside to grab something from the car it got out of range so basically short distances away within apartment size. 

The Arctic Sound P311 Bluetooth Headset is a very handy device, especially for cell phones.  With all the cell phone laws and driving regulations coming into effect, you really need to consider the P311 from Arctic Sound.



  • Light-weight
  • Good stereo audio quality
  • Ear-pieces are nicely padded.
  • Simple to connect and pair
  • Very portable



  • Call Quality is not great
  • Takes a while to charge
  • Mic volume is low
  • Behind-the-head design isn’t as comfortable as I’d like


I'd like to thank Arctic Products for sending over the P311 Bluetooth Stereo headset for us to review.  We always look forward to checking out their products.  If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the forum at the "Comments" link below.