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Product: CM Storm QuickFire Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
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Cooler Master
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Today, we have a mechanical keyboard from Cooler Master on our test bench - the CM Storm QuickFire Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.  If you are not familiar with Cooler Master, they manufacture all kinds of PC components and peripherals such as: PC cases, mice, keyboards and more.  If you would like to know more about Cooler Master, please check out their company profile here.



First Impression:

The CMStorm QuickFire Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard comes in a highly stylized packaging.  The box is covered with photo-quality graphics and is mainly colored in the CM Storm colors of white, red and black.  Once you open the packaging you will find that the QuickFire Pro is packaged very well.  The first thing you see is a protective layer of clear plastic covering the keyboard.  After that, the CM Storm QuickFire Pro is wrapped in a layer of flexible Styrofoam.

Quick Install Guide
Quick Install Guide

Once it was fully unboxed, I noticed the QuickFire Pro is heaver than any other keyboard I have seen.  It is about twice as heavy as the keyboard I was using previously.  The CM Storm QuickFire Pro weighs 2.86lbs(1300g).  Think of that in terms of bacon... That's almost three packages of your favorite sliced heaven.


On the next page we'll take a closer look at this keyboard before we carry on into testing.


A Closer Look:

The CM Storm QuickFire Pro comes in four different model that range from almost no resistance to hard resistance.  This comes from the use of their Cherry MX switches. The Cherry MX Black comes with the lowest resistance.  The Cherry MX Blue is the next step up in resistance.  The Cherry MX Brown is the medium resistance and finally the Cherry MX Red has the highest resistance.  The sample I received was the CM Storm QuickFire Pro Cherry MX Brown Part #SGK-4010-GKCM1.



The CM Storm QuickFire Pro come with several features worth mentioning.  It has an adjustable polling rate which has four possible settings: 8ms, 4ms, 2ms and 1ms (125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz or 1000Hz).  This can be easily changed at any time by the use of two keys at once.  Before you can change any setting or key you first have to press the Function lock key (FN).  Once it has been disabled you can change your setting.  When you have finished changing things to your liking, simply enable the FN Lock key to make sure everything stays where you set it.  The polling rate keys are located just above the number pad.  The QuickFire Pro comes set at the default polling rate of 8ms - and this will be good for day-to-day use.


Another feature I like for gaming is that the QuickFire Pro allows you to disable the Windows key.  This is done by pressing the the F12 key while the FN Lock key is enabled.  No more worrying about accidentally using the Windows key during a heated battle!

The CM Storm QuickFire Pro also has Media keys.  When you have the FN Lock key enabled the F5 through F11 keys morph and become the Media keys.  You can control any media player with just a push of these keys.  When the FN Lock is disabled the F keys act like your normal Function keys.

The CM Storm QuickFire Pro can toggle between two N key modes.  In FN Lock mode you simply press the N key and the Insert key for 6 Normal key rollover.  If you want full key rollover you press the N key and the Delete key.  Then you have the ability (in theory) to press every key at once and have it work without skipping any keys.  This can be advantageous when playing some intense games and trying to dive/dodge/knife and reload at the same time.

Mode 1
Mode 1
Mode 3
Mode 3


The CM Storm QuickFire Pro comes with some backlit keys.  You have three modes to chose from: the Gaming Cluster, the Extended Gaming Cluster and the Extended Gaming Cluster (breathing).  The Extended Gaming Cluster NumberPad was the most unique.  The lighting looks like the lit keys are breathing.  They range from being bright to the lowest brightness over a short period of time.  You can control which mode as well as brightness and turn on or off the backlit keys with the use of the F1 through F4 keys.  The F1 key turns on and off the backlit keys.  The F2 key dims the backlit keys. The F3 Key brightens the backlit keys and the F4 key changes the mode of the backlit keys.  It does all of this without the use of any software you have to install.  The only complaint I have is that the only color of the backlit keys is red.


The CM Storm QuickFire Pro uses a full speed USB 2.0 cable.  It comes with a gold-plated USB cable that is sheathed - a very nice touch!  The sheathed USB cable does not come attached and this make it much easier to carry it with you to your favorite LAN party.  The USB cable can be routed to exit the keyboard from three different positions: left, right or center.  No matter how you like you desk setup you are covered!

Gold USB
Gold USB
USB Port
USB Port
Rear Profile
Rear Profile
Rubber Feet
Rubber Feet


The QuickFire Pro comes with large feet on which to rest.  These rubber feet mean that your keyboard will not slide around.  It also has two legs on the back the elevate the top of the keyboard.  That's not a surprise, but I was surprised to see rubber feet on the legs.  Also, there is no worrying about the key letters wearing off; they are laser engraved.


Features and Specifications:







Testing and Installation:

What can I say about testing a keyboard?  I simply connected it and used it as I normally would.  I didn't think that I would notice any difference in game, but to my surprise I did!  Response time was very noticeable.  There was definitely an improvement in my gaming skills.  Key presses were very solid and definite.  They felt "clean" and you know if you press them.

Once I got everything set to my liking I gamed until my eyes bled!  Not once did the QuickFire Pro let me down.  Even in the normal mode, I was able to press as many as six keys at once without a fear of ghosting. I have to admit it took me a few day to adjust to how the QuickFire Pro Mechanical Keyboard felt.  Once I got acclimated to it, I loved it.

Full Keyboard  


I found the CM Storm QuickFire Pro Mechanical Gaming keyboard to be of excellent quality.  It feels like it's made of lead and Kevlar and this makes it not the lightest keyboard I have seen, but if you want a good keyboard this is worth considering and really, the weight isn't an issue.  The gold-plated and sheathed USB cable is great.  My only complaint is that is come with only one backlight option - red.  As far as gaming peripherals go, this is not my favorite color.  The CM Storm QuickFire Pro Mechanical Keyboard can be found online in the US for $100.  This makes it a great deal! HooRah took a look at the Tt eSports G1 Mechanical Gaming keyboard which is very similar to the QuickFire Pro, but sells for about $40 more.

As far as performance goes, I could not find any thing bad to say about it.  The QuickFire Pro Mechanical Keyboard worked flawlessly!

Installation of the QFP was straight forward.  You just connect the supplied cable to the keyboard and your PC.  There is no software to install as all of the changes and settings are done in hardware.  It's off to the battle!

I think that Cooler Master hit a home-run with the QuickFire Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.  It is priced on the low end (for a mechanical keyboard) and is loaded with features and has a great fell to it.

If you are in the market for a high quality mechanical gaming keyboard the CM Storm QuickFire Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard definitely deserves consideration.  This is why I am giving the QuickFire Pro the "Gold Wrench Award".


  • High Quality Braided USB cable
  • Non Slip Feet
  • Long Life Cherry Mix Switches
  • Gold Plated Connectors
  • Adjustable Polling Rate
  • FN Lock Key
  • Seven Multimedia Keys
  • Customizable Backlit Keys



  • Only Red LED lighting




I would like to thank Cooler Master for sending BCCHardware the QuickFire Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard to review. If you have any questions, comments or general feedback, please feel free to leave them in the forum at the  "Comments" link below.