ROCCAT Siru Gaming Mouse Pad


Product: ROCCAT Siru Gaming Mouse Pad
Provided By: ROCCAT
Price: ~$20.00 est at time of publication


For a short time, mouse pads have been evolving at rapid rates all in an effort to sync up with the ever evolving technology of gaming mice. More precision and accuracy, higher DPI, faster speeds and lower profiles have all become major focuses when combining a mouse with a pad. Although the 2 major factors of hard surface vs soft or fabric surfaces has continued, the injection of technology into how they are made has been a game changer. Today we will be looking at one of those hard surface gaming pads that has the newer technology infused with it – the Roccat Siru. Boasting a very thin profile with high control and accuracy, this non-slip gaming pad could be the way of the future.

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Introducing the Siru – Cutting-Edge Gaming Mousepad, the unique, knife-edge thin gaming surface from ROCCAT™. Less than a single millimeter deep, it is one of the thinnest mousepads ever created. Top side a battle-ready, easy-to-clean surface with high glide and control, bottom side an easily reusable non-slip backing that anchors to your desktop – the Siru is comprised of just one ultra-thin layer. The innovative form factor of the mousepad provides direct desktop feedback, allowing for exceptionally precise tracking and lightning-fast aim corrections. 
Available in two stylish colors – Cryptic Blue and Pitch Black – the Siru is ideal for both laser and optical mice. 
At 340 x 250 x 0.45mm, the Siru is truly knife-edge thin. The benefit of having such a blade-like gaming surface is that your mouse is on exactly the same level as your desktop, and you’re provided with direct desktop feedback. This means exceptionally true and precise tracking, and the ability to make rapid, accurate cursor corrections – perfect when aim is the name of the game.
The specially developed Siru surface is built for speed. It lets your mouse glide over it unopposed, so you can accurately track your enemy with ease. In spite of the Siru’s superior glide, the innovative surface has ultra-precise control, preventing under- and over-aim. Available in Cryptic Blue and Pitch Black, the surface is as stylish as it is deadly, and has been field-tested with over 80 laser and optical mice.
Despite being comprised of just one ultra-thin layer, the Siru makes absolutely no sacrifices. Using only the best materials, the bottom side of the mousepad features an easily reusable, non-slip backing that anchors to your desktop. The benefit? A reliable, immovable surface that won’t drift when you go to war. And thanks to its compact size, you can easily take it with you to LANs.
Always ready for action, the Siru is engineered to last with durable, combat-ready materials. Super easy to clean, high-performance surface can be maintained without difficulty. This ensures that the unique high glide and control won’t wane and stays consistent over time, letting you worry about the action, not your peripherals.


Features (Short Version):

    ensures pinpoint accurate tracking with high glide and control
    gives you direct and responsive feedback from your surface
    perfect battle effectiveness with 340 x 250 x 0.45mm dimensions
    means pad stays where you put it thanks to solid grip and hold
    engineered to last with durable, combat-ready materials
    field-tested with over 80 optical and laser mice


First Impressions & Usage:

One of the great features with the hard surface gaming pads is that they are easier to clean and the same can be said for the Siru. Boasting combat ready materials for durability and a long lasting life, clean up is a breeze, only needing a damp cloth to wipe away the dirt, grime, or dust. Along with it being so easy to clean, the Siru has an optimized gaming surface which combines speed with accuracy and control. It is smooth yet texturized which allows for fast yet unimpeded mouse movement but allows for pinpoint accuracy and control.

Siru - Top Siru Bottom


With the claim of being field tested by over 80 mice, I could not wait to see how it responded to my Logitech G5. It was thoroughly impressive.

Another great feature about the Siru is its size. Not overly big like some pads and not too small. Measuring at 340mm x 250mm, the Siru is extremely portable for people on the go as well as enthusiasts. Personally for me I would like another 25mm added on to the current dimensions but I certainly can’t complain too much as I can still use it well like it is.


The Siru also has an impressive non-slip backing for an amazing unmovable grip. 

Bottom Close


As shown above this grip is no joke. Once this gaming pad is down on the desktop, it will not budge when used. This reusable backing is almost like tiny suction cups to help keep it in place while being able to pick it up and take it for use at events, such as LAN parties. This new backing is far better than just the normal rubber backings as those other backings can slide around while the Siru doesn’t even move. The only drawback about this one feature is that it could take the user a little longer to find the correct placement the Siru should be in, however once that optimal position is achieved; there is no worry about it moving or sliding. 

The last major and game changing feature the Siru has to offer is its knife edge thin profile. This gaming pad at .45 millimeters is so thin that it’s almost hard to tell a pad is even there.

Whether you are surfing the web, playing games or doing whatever it is you do on your computer; you may have to look down every now and then to remind yourself that you are in fact actually using a pad. This last feature is really a game changer for the Siru and makes it into a pad that I think everyone will want to get their hands on.

Siru With Mouse

Final Thoughts:

When I first thought about testing the Siru out, I knew I was not sure what to think as it had been a long while since I had used a hard surface pad. I knew I was going to need a new one soon as my old fabric one was breaking down where I had most used it. So much dirt and dust was in and around it that as every week went by, it just became more and more difficult to use. As soon as I opened the package for the Siru and was able to look and feel what I was going to be using, I knew this pad was going to be my pad for a long time. The smoothness combined with the control and accuracy that the technology of this pad brings to the table is by far amazing. Clean up is a cinch and there are no worries about it every moving on you with its suction cup like non-slip backing. The size is good and could be a little bigger but what really pulls it all together and makes this a great pad is the knife edge thinness. It really seals the deal and does not disappoint.



  • Smooth texturized surface for speed, control, and accuracy
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Suction cup like non-slip backing for absolutely no movement 
  • Tested with over 80 mice on the market
  • Portable
  • Knife edge thin at .45mm



  • The size - could be slightly bigger but may be perfect for others



I'd like to thank ROCCAT for sending the Siru our way for a review. If you have any questions and comments or just some general feedback, please drop it in the forum at the link below.