Product: ZOWIE GEAR G-RF Mousepad
Provided By: ZOWIE GEAR
Price: $29.99USD Online


Today we have a mouse pad from ZOWIE GEAR.  Since I wasn't aware of ZOWIE GEAR before I'm going to assume many of you haven't either. The ZOWIE GEAR G-TF mouse pad is a monster pad with water proof cloth and anti-fray edges. It is quite an impressive mouse pad when you think about it, but a little about ZOWIE GEAR and then we will take a closer look.




ZOWIE GEAR consists of experienced individuals that share the same objective --- develop high quality, efficient, and durable products all at affordable prices . All the products of ZOWIE GEAR are developed for people's ideal. It is through our development and critical production process that makes these dreams come true.


First Impression:

Well there was only one thought that was burned into my brain when I first saw the G-TF mouse pad for the first time, and that goes along the lines of “man that thing is HUGE!” It has a length of 440mm and a width of 380mm, to put that into perspective that's creeping up on half a meter in diameter. Also a thickness of 4mm puts it at a couple of coins thick.

While I don't like most cloth pads, this one is OK. Its got special “rolling” on its sides so that the wear and tear doesn't result in cloth fraying. Also, the mouse pad has a rubber base on its bottom to prevent it from moving around in the heat of battle.


Also, with special coating for the cloth, the G-TF mouse pad is water proof. Now this doesn't mean that it likes being dunked in a bucket of water, it means that if you spill liquid on the cloth, a bit of paper towel or otherwise absorbent material will make the mouse pad as good as new.


One of the cool things I noticed when using the mouse pad is the way it conforms to the topology that it is laid upon. This is nice when on something like the armrest of an easy chair instead of a flat board that gets top heavy very easily.

While gaming or surfing the web, the mouse felt responsive at all times. Also, the mousepad had a very soft feel on the heel of the hand. While the G-TF is liquid proof, definitely be careful when eating near the mouse pad, since I am a little anal and like my tracking surfaces clean I found it difficult to get some of the crumbs out of the cloth.


The very large surface area is definitely a boon in certain situations. Although I am a very conservative gamer – someone who makes small movements with the mouse, others often enjoy a very wide surface area in which to move the mouse in dramatic sweeps as if to help improve their game play.

Since I have a few different computers that I work on regularly I had the chance to try many mice on the mouse pad. Every single mouse that I tried worked flawlessly, now normally I wouldn't have to say anything about it, its cloth right? Everything works on cloth. But I got a little paranoid when the SteelSeries glass mouse pad didn't exactly work out perfectly for me.

Water On Mouse Pad
Water On Mouse Pad



If you are looking for a new mouse pad, definately throw this one into the ring of consideration. It offers durability, meaning no edge tearing, and no little threads strangling off the edges. Also, liquid resistant material is an added boon to extending its lifetime. With a rubber “grip” bottom of the G-TF, it is more difficult to move the pad easily when gaming in the groove. The large surface area may be an annoyance to some but in that case you should be looking elsewhere already. Crumbs and other microscopic particles get caught in between fibers very easily so watch out when eating. However with a $29.99 price tag it packs a pretty good deal in a box.


  • Large surface area
  • Comfy
  • Durable


  • Not as easy to clean as they say



I'd like to thank ZOWIE GEAR for sending the G-TF over and making me a beliver in the cloth.  If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the forum at the "Comments" link below.