EnzoTech SCW-1 Sapphire CPU Waterblock


Product: EnzoTech SCW-1 CPU Waterblock
Provided By: EnzoTech
Price: N/A at publication


It's been a while since we've got things wetter and better here at BCCHardware.  While we have recently reviewed the Gigabyte 3D Mercury Pro Liquid Cooled case, it almost doesn't count because it is too easy.  Today we are looking at tweaking our LCS with a new block from EnzoTech.  We've got the SCW-1 "Sapphire" block on the bench and are going to strap in on our CPU for some better cooling performance.  You may not be that familiar with EnzoTech, but they gained some fame with their excellent performing Ultra-X CPU Cooler.


About EnzoTech: 

EnzoTech is a relatively new company to enthusiast circles although they've been around since 1982.

Founded in 1982, Enzotech has been striving to provide cooling solutions for a variety of servers that require high efficiency and 24-hour power stability. With the on-going innovation and challenges in the computer industry, Enzotech has become a leading innovator in designing unique material forming technology. Along with its OEM experiences with companies such as AMD and Intel, they also have the reputation as being one of the worlds’s most advanced high-performance heat sink manufacturer.  Enzotech is committed to provide customers with world-class high quality products that are delivered in a cost effective manner, resulting in a win-win situation for all.

Enzotech continues to not only develop custom cooling solutions for its OEM customers, but plans launch state-of-the-art products in the retail market to its PC users. Our customer’s support and interests are greatly appreciated.


The Package Deal:

The EnzoTech SCW-1 CPU block comes packaged in a nice heavy-weight box that has a window to showcase the top of the block.  The box looks sleek and contains a lot of information about the product without being over the top.  The graphics and colors are tasteful and it has some curb appeal for sure.

 Box Front w/ Window
Box Front w/ Window
 Box Back
Box Back


The sample we received arrived from Taiwan and had some minor damage on the corners of the box.  When this block is available for retail purchase it will be carton shipped to your favorite retailer and this will reduce shipping damage.  Regardless, the cooler is very well protected as you can see below.  Everything from the clamps to the brackets and even the thermal paste is well protected in this foam packaging.

 Inner Package
Inner Package
 Safely Packaged
Safely Packaged


This block is designed for Socket AM2 for AMD (Type-S), and LGA775.  If you've got an older Socket 939 board with the four-hole backplate, you may also be in luck.  Make sure you check motherboard compatibility before you buy.  The bundle pictured below shows everything that's included: backplates, top plates, spacers, washers, screws, clamps and more.



What's not pictured in the "Bundle" picture is the top block retention frame, the barbs, and the EnzoTech branded Arctic Silver Ceramique thermal paste.

Specs and Info:

The SCW-1 water block from Enzotech is not available for retail just yet.  What we have in our hands is actually the second version of this block.  The first version is reported to have a thicker base.  This unit we have on our bench has a thinner base and some minor changes to the top.  Enzo ChartAs such, the block may yet see more revisions before it hits retail channels, so the specs are a bit thin.  Below is some of the information available from the product page.

  • Super high density, radial pattern, micro-pin design (0.5mm from pin to pin), provides maximum surface exposure area for superior cooling performance.
  • Direct injection water flow design, delivers coolant straight to CPU core. Eight return holes pulls heated water away for extremely fast heat dissipation.
  • Metallic Mirror coating gives elegant style and superb finish.
  • Water block's base is machined to .0003 per inch run-out which optimizes surface contact and maximizes thermal conductivity performance.
  • Compatible with all 1/2", 3/8" and 1/4" coolant tubing.
  • 100% leak tested and inspected direct from factory.


By the time this block hits retail, I hope that Enzotech will update the product page to include information that includes Socket compatibility and more.  Currently it states that it has application for Intel and AMD.  More details would be most welcome in my opinion.

As we take a closer look at this block below, please keep in mind that pictures simply do not do the Sapphire CPU block justice.  The finish is immaculate and brilliantly shiny.  The top of the block is actually quite light blue, while the top retention bracket has a gunmetal finish that is virtually impossible to photograph.  If looks could kill, this block would be on death row in Texas.


Close Up:

The fit and finish of this block is excellent.  We put it on a lapping stone and found that it is very flat - as well as obviously shiny.  At each corner of the base is a recessed screw that won't affect performance on any current CPU as the holes lay far outside the heat spreader area.

Shiny Bottom
Shiny Bottom


You can see by peeking through the inlet hole below (block center), that base of the block has some very fine pins that generate lots of turbulence.  This is designed to transfer heat quickly from the CPU to the water and provide better cooling.  These fine pins require some pretty fancy machining and we can see that this is not a budget oriented block.  That being said, we do believe that EnzoTech is going to price this block competitively.

 Block Top Close
Block Top Close
 Block With Bracket
Block With Bracket


On the last page we'll cover installation and performance.


This block uses a special back plate for LGA775 processors that requires motherboard removal.  Once you've got the board removed, you can simply install the back plate.  If you plan on leaving it attached to your motherboard a while; use the tape to secure it in place.  You can then re-install the board without worrying about the plate coming lose (LGA775 plate has long studs that prevent it from coming out of place).  Once the board is installed you can apply the thermal paste of your choice and screw on the spring-loaded nuts.  The directions state to tighten these evenly, but fail to mention how tight.  We made like Spock and were logical for a minute and tighten them up until we were satisfied.  The block was removed to check for an even mount, thermal paste was re-applied and we re-mounted the block once again.

You may notice that we didn't use the included hose clamps, and instead opted for the sleeker spring clamps from the original 3D Mercury Pro system.  The clamps EnzoTech provided certainly are better at preventing leaks, but we wanted to use a clamp that was as shiny and classy as the block itself. 

SCW-1 Installed
SCW-1 Installed

We swapped out the Gigabyte block for this block and installation took about 30 minutes to take the system apart, pull the board, remove the old block, recover some fluid, put this new block in the loop and reinstall everything.  If you are setting up a system for the first time, you won't have to worry about removing the board and this will save you a bit of time.


Test System & Info:

Although not the fastest system we have around at the moment, we used the following test rig for testing out the Enzotech SCW-1:

To heat things up we ran two instances of Folding @ Home on the system as well as 3DMark 2006.  Temperatures were taken with Core Temp after at least 2 hours of running at full load, and after 1 hour of returning to idle.

For some reason, the E4300 did not like this board and was only able to clock up to a mere 2.53GHz stable.  Other chips have made much higher FSB on this board, but no matter what we did, we were limited to a 282MHz FSB.  We turned up the core voltage to 1.41v to help generate some heat.  Please keep in mind that Core Temp often records temperatures that appear much higher than many other software programs.  Bear this in mind and please only compare performance numbers in this review only.



 Stock Idle
Stock Idle
 Stock Load
Stock Load

To get the numbers in the chart below, we simply averaged the two cores.


When compared to the stock Gigabyte WPBC1 block, the Enzotech block wins by 3.5C at stock speeds idle, and increases to a 4.5C under load.  When we turn up the heat and overclock the processor, we seem the gap is 3C idle and 3.5C at full load.  I do believe that we are seeing some limits of the 3D Mercury Pro system as the radiator perhaps is a weak point on this case.  Regardless, this is a reference point and we see the EnzoTech Sapphire SCW-1 does indeed beat the Gigabyte block by a decent margin.



The EnzoTech SCW-1 in its current state is a decent block for your next watercooling project, but as we stated earlier, this block may still be up for another revision or two.  In its current state, it beat a mainstream block for a well-known company and in the future we hope to compare it to other blocks from other companies.  It's been a while since we've been heavily into watercooling, but Quad Core CPU's have once again spurned on the need for better cooling and Enzotech should be considered.

This block looks great, performs well, and will hopefully be priced to move here in the North American market.  This market is a tough nut to crack as people are quite loyal to the likes of Danger Den and Swiftech.  We'd like to see this block compared to some of their products in the future to see how it stacks up across the board.


  • Excellent finish on the block
  • Bling for your box
  • Good performance
  • High-flow barbs
  • Mounts on popular platforms



  • Poor online documentation / specs
  • Cheap looking hose clamps kill some of the overall finish of the entire product


I can't dock too many points for documentation at this point as the block is not yet available for retail.  The cons listed above may not apply to the finished product, but they do apply to the sample that we are reviewing.


I'd like to thank Enzotech for sending us this block to review.  We look forward to a final sample and plan to use this block for comparison later on.

We'd love to hear your feedback in the forum at the "Comments" link below.