CES - Howdy Day 3



Our first visit of the day was somewhat unexpected as we were approached by a booth representative to 'test' out a set of headphones for a mere 5 seconds.  With seconds to spare we decided to stop and take a listen, and it's a good thing we did.  I fit a pair of noise isolation ear bud headphones into my ears and the first thing I noticed was the clarity of the highs and lows.  The amazing part was the strong bass coming from these single driver ear buds.  Venusea faces their drivers backwards in the earphone so the sound and especially the bass is reflected.  Most audiophiles know that the strongest bass response comes from proper reflection.  The Venusea earphones do a tremendous job producing clear quality sound.

Venusea Retractable Earphones

Venusea also has a set of earphones that have a 'live' setting.  Typically drivers vibrate in the same direction when producing a frequency and these vibrations cause slight pressure ripples in the users head which can cause discomfort.  With the 'live' setting turned on, one driver operates normally, and the other driver operates in reverse so the pressure ripples cancel each other and are eliminated.  Not only do these earphones sound excellent, but they are very comfortable for long term use.  We believe the retail price of these headphones will be $35 which also includes a 2.5 to 3.5 mm jack adapter and a microphone for use with Skype.  A phenominal price for the product.


We stopped by the Team booth and had a peak at their new memory products.  Team has hand picked Micron D9 chips and fine tune them for maximum performance.  Team's maximum performance modules run at a stock specification of 1200 Mhz at 5-5-5-15 2T at 2.35 - 2.45 volts.  These modules are cooled by a Tharmalright heatpipe cooler that can have a fan mounted on the radiator for additional cooling.  We are told these 1200 Mhz units still have additional room for overclocking.  Currently the lead engineer for these modules holds eight world records.

Team Xtreem
World Records


The X-Micro booth had a larger lineup of products to show off than I thought.  Here's a shot of their booth and one of their display cases full of MP3 players, jump drives, and a GPS navigator.


The main features they had to show us was their line of new MP3 / MP4 players and new GPS navigation system.


The first two pictures are of the X-VDO MP4 F610.  This is a fully featured MP3 player with a menu interface.  The F610 boasts an overall high quality product down to the little switches and buttons.  The biggest selling point for the F610 is the amazing viewing angle for the display.  no matter what angle the display is viewed at it can always be seen in full vibrant color.  The last picture above is of the X-VDO MP4 F810 which is yet to be released.  The F810 is built to replace the F610 and is slimmer, smaller, and uses touch sensetive keys for operation.

The last featured product at the X-Micro booth was the GP3000 GPS Navigatore.  With its 400 MHz processor, 32 megs of internal flash ram, (expandable to 2 GB with SD card), and 3.5" touch sensitive color screen, it's sure to be a crowd pleaser.  Besides the extra value of a built in MP3 player, video player, and photo viewer, the GP3000 is prices at a very reasonable MSRP of $300.


Today is the last day at CES for me.  I'll make a short appearance at the show Thursday morning and then it's back on the plane to Wyoming for me.  Stay tuned for full reviews of some of the products you've seen in our coverage segments.  Be sure to check the CES 2007 Gallery for the rest of today's photos.  As always, stop in the forum and post up some comments or just say hi.