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Today we've got a case from AeroCool on the bench, the AeroRacer Pro. The AeroRacer Pro is a mid-tower case, featuring a large 15.75 inch fan built into the side panel, which according to AeroCool is the "largest side panel fan in the world". The AeroRacer features tool-less drive bays and PCI card slots, and an "automotive style" power switch.


First Impressions:

Pretty much the first thing you're going to notice about the AeroRacer is the fan on the side, which is a 40cm (15.75 Inches) fan that pushes 250CFM, so while its big in size, it's nice and quiet.

AeroCool AeroRacer Pro - Front View
AeroCool AeroRacer Pro - Side View

AeroCool AeroRacer Pro - Front View
box .jpg
AeroCool AeroRacer Pro - Packaging

As you can see from the pictures above, the 15.75 inch side panel fan is the first thing you notice with the AeroRacer Pro, it's pretty tough to miss. Our test case came in the black version; however it is also available in red.

front .jpg
AeroCool AeroRacer Pro - Front View
open2 .jpg
AeroCool AeroRacer Pro - Front Cover Open

In the above picture (left), you can see that the case comes with rubber feet, as well as side access USB and audio connections (the USB ports are pretty close together so don't try to get two oversized USB devices plugged in at the same time).

side2 .jpg
AeroCool AeroRacer Pro - Rear View
sideoff .jpg
AeroCool AeroRacer Pro - Side Panel Removed

As you can see once we've removed the side panel (pictured left), you have full access to all the tool-less drive bays.

pci .jpg
AeroCool AeroRacer Pro - Tool-less PCI Bays
start .jpg
AeroCool AeroRacer Pro - Push Button Start

One of the big features is the automobile style "Push-Button" start button (Pictured Above, Left).

toolless .jpg
AeroCool AeroRacer Pro - Tool-less Drive Bays
back .jpg
AeroCool AeroRacer Pro - Rear View
tooless2 .jpg
AeroCool AeroRacer Pro - Tool-less Drive Bays
inside .jpg
AeroCool AeroRacer Pro - Inside View

The rest of the pictures show off the tool-less bays in more detail, also you can see that there is room for an additional fan on the rear of the case (not included).




AeroCool AeroRacer Pro Testing and Installation:

Now the testing and installation section of a case review isn't going to be overly exciting, we're basically going to see how everything fits and make sure there are no major issues.

hddinstalled .jpg
AeroCool AeroRacer Pro - Hard Drive Installed
opticalinstalled .jpg
AeroCool AeroRacer Pro - Optical Drive Installed

As you can see in the pictures above, both the optical drive and hard drive were installed with no problems and the tool-less bays worked as advertised.

installed2 .jpg
AeroCool AeroRacer Pro - Motherboard Installed
installed .jpg
AeroCool AeroRacer Pro - Motherboard Installed

powersupply .jpg
AeroCool AeroRacer Pro - Power Supply Installed
powersupply2 .jpg
AeroCool AeroRacer Pro - Power Supply Installed

Power supply and motherboard also fit like they were supposed to and I encountered no issues during installation.

That concludes the installation section; I've included a couple pictures below of the case in action.

on3 .jpg
AeroCool AeroRacer Pro - Side Fan in Action
on .jpg
AeroCool AeroRacer Pro - Power Button Power On

The power button glows blue (pictured above, Right), it's not overly bright and won't blind you, but gives it a nice touch. Also pictured is the side panel fan during operation, which is amazingly quiet but still pushes a fair amount of air (250 CFM).


AeroCool AeroRacer Pro Final Thoughts:

The AeroRacer Pro is a tough case to give a final score to. I wasn't blown away by the AeroRacer Pro, however after testing it and having on the bench for a couple weeks it proved itself to be very functional. The AeroRacer Pro is most definitely unique thanks to the large side-panel fan, and overall is a decent case. The biggest thing to remember when evaluating the AeroRacer Pro is that it is aimed at the ~$100.00 USD "budget" audience, and naturally isn't going to offer features that cases 2-3 times the price will offer. With that being said, there are a ton of options in the ~$100.00 USD range, and fortunately for the AeroRacer Pro, it has some features that really set it apart from other entry-level cases on the market.

The front bezel of the AeroRacer Pro is coated in a rubberized material, which is nice and helps repel fingerprints, however, the front cover that opens and allows access to the drive bays however is just plastic and in my opinion a bit flimsy, and doesn't open and close all that smoothly.

Perhaps the biggest feature of this case (the large side-panel fan), is probably also going to be the biggest drawback for some enthusiasts. While the fan is nice and quiet and provides nice airflow inside the case, it's also the first thing you see when you see the case and might be deemed excessive and tacky by some.

The tool-less design of the AeroRacer Pro is a nice feature, and the tool-less optical and drive bays work as advertised. The tool-less PCI slots are also decent, however for dual-slot cards they don't work so well, but you've always got the option of removing them and screwing them in instead.

At the end of the day the AeroRacer Pro is a decent case for your money, while some of the features it offers might not appeal to all enthusiasts, it does offer some unique features that you won't find in other cases, all while remaining surprisingly quiet. While the AeroRacer Pro fell short of our "Top Pick" award, it's still not a bad choice for your money if you're looking for a new case.



  • Tool-Free Drive and PCI Bays
  • Good Airflow thanks to Massive Side-Panel Fan
  • Front Bezel has a nice Rubberized Finish



  • Front Plastic Cover a bit Flimsy
  • Rear Fan Not Included




I'd like to thank Xoxide for sending us the AeroRacer Pro. If you have any questions, comments, or general feedback, please leave it at the "Comments" link below.