Ikonik Zaria A20 Case With SIM

Product: Ikonik Zaria A20 Case
Provided By: Thermalmighty
Price: n/a at time of review



Today we are going to look at a case from Ikonik - a little known company that is increasing in reputation quickly. They apparently have engineers from other big companies that have come over to their side to design their products.

 Case Box Fron
Case Box Fron
Case Box Back
Case Box Back


About Ikonik:

Up until a couple of months ago, no one I talked to had ever heard of Ikonik.  I encourage you to get familiar with them by reading a clip from their corporate profile.

Our establishment
Ikonik Technology was founded by a team of IT-experts – who were operating for a well-known brand in the industry. Following the same business model of international business, we position ourselves in the same level of high standards in everything that we do.

Our core-business
Ikonik Technology is focusing on designing, branding, manufacturing and distribution of all computer peripherals. Not only will we create and supply these components to the power users – but we also provide the service and aftercare, in order to safeguard users’ equipments.
In this highly competitive and aggressive environment, Ikonik Technology strives to deliver that extra bit more. We are constantly improving the standard of quality, surpassing users’ requirements and deliver products with performance, fun, good looks and easy to use.



Model name
Zaria A20 Zaria A20 SIM
Case type Mid tower
(W x H x D)
200 x 440 x 490mm
Color Black / silver
5,25” drive bay 4
3,5” external drive bay 1
3,5” internal drive bay 5
Expansion slots 7
Side panel Transparent OR mesh
w/o frame
transparent / mesh
Material Aluminum / SECC
I/O panel Audio / 2 x USB 2.0 / 1 x FireWire / 1 x e-SATA
Cooling 1 x 140 mm front /
1 x 120 mm rear /
optional 120 mm bottom
1 x 140 mm front /
1 x 120 mm rear incl. LED /
dual 80 mm side incl. LED/
optional 120 mm bottom
Mainboard support µATX / ATX / CEB
(worlds only mid-tower support CEB)
Tool-less design Yes
Protection Rubber on HDD and PSU railing and ODD spring for
anti-vibration and noise reduction
Maintenance Removable and washable filter
LED N/A Rear and right side
(System Intelligent Management)
Optional Yes


 Case Front Side
Case Front Side
 Case Back Side
Case Back Side



First Impressions/Thoughts:

The very first thing I saw when I opened the box was a driver CD, now I don't know about you but I have never seen any case that comes with drivers. Most of the time a paper manual would be on the top or possibly a bag of screws but this is the first time that a driver would be included with the case.  Along with the CD were the usual screws, cable management, a small paper manual and some temperature probes.

 Case Accessories
Case Accessories


I am very impressed with the top of the case, what Ikonik did was take an Ikonik name branded rubber plate with a magnet and placed it on top of the I/O panel. This plate can be removed at will fairly easily or could be left there while units are connected which then prevents dust from entering the ports.

 Case Top I/O
Case Top I/O


The rage in cases today seems to be doors, for some weird reason they seem to be found "cool" even though they are used throughout the day regularly. I would think by now they would be getting a little boring. Even in most science fiction films, doors are replaced by automatic ones or even force fields.

Case Power Button

Something I was not very impressed with was the power button on the front of the case, it wasn’t a regular button, but it was very similar in both size and consistency as a sewing pedal. Being on the bottom of the case, this 4”x4” button is a danger to being kicked or pushed accidentally. Luckily, Ikonik provided the option to have only one connected at a time.  

One thing that impressed me was that the side of the case, had an option of either having a window or a metal mesh, it is really nice so that when you want cooling, the mesh is good but then looks is an option available at the same time.

Case Inside


The case also have a tool-less design; there is a metal bar for the card slots, sliders for the drives, and even rubber grommets to keep PSU vibrations down to a minimum.  There are also 2 side fans that came in the case in the top middle of the case, these fans I fear are somewhat ineffective due to the massive amount of PSU cables that plague most systems in this day in age.



The software that came bundled with the case included a software program for controlling fan speeds and viewing temperatures of the case. One flaw in this program however is that it retrieves the fan control from the motherboard, and most of the time, motherboards don’t have more than 2 fan controllers so that would be mostly useless. Also most cases these days come with power adapters to just plug directly into the PSU bypassing the motherboard.



Other than that the software worked pretty well, there was a setting so that when a certain component got too hot the program would increase the fan speed to user specified directions.



 Temps - m998
Temps - m998
 Temps - Zaria
Temps - Zaria


I was quite impressed with the performance of this case. According to my research here it provides quite a jump from even the NZXT Whisper case.



The case is a pretty good design, although it is not without its flaws, namely the big power button on the very bottom of the front of the case. The case does provide a tool-less design as well as rubber grommets to reduce HDD and PSU vibrations and this is one redeeming feature. All-in-all this is a good case; as a case designed to enclose a number of computer components it does its job well.


  • Good Cooling
  • Rubber cover I/O panel
  • Tool-less design
  • Classy design



  • Power button on front
  • Some fans covered up by PSU



I'd like to thank Thermalmighty for sending over their Ikonik Zaria A20 case for us to review.  It has some unique features and design elements that set it apart, although I feel it could use a few changes.

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