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I’ve been able to do a bit of network installs and upgrade for some personal and business customers in the area. I attribute the small amount of knowledge I have to the years spent reviewing and covering networking products at

We worked with some solid companies such as D-Link, Trendnet, TP-Link, Linksys and Belkin. While they offer products that sit and perform very comfortably in the consumer space, many companies and larger residence require better throughput, load and access point management and more. This is where the aforementioned companies fall a bit short. Something better is needed and there are a few options here as well.

I’ve been using Ubiquiti products for most of my customers and they’ve been very happy with the results. From providing WiFi access for 20-acre rural sites and hotel complexes and everything in between, I’ve found that the Dream Machine Pro is a great backbone that offers great performance, threat detection and blocking. In addition to a robust network appliance, the UDMP also can act as a “Protect” server and NVR. It can support multiple 4K cameras or a lot of 1080p cameras.

If you are tired of flaky networking for your residence or business in Southern Alberta, please make sure to reach out and we will see what we can do to help!

Small Install covering 5000 sq. ft of business including multiple WiFi 6e access points and cameras.

The install above includes the Dream Machine Pro, US-8-60W Switch, patch panel and a 500VA UPS that is fed by 1GB fiber. This setup cleaned up and replaced just under 100′ of cable that was snaked up on a shelf.

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