Samsung Galaxy S23 FE Hands On

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We have had the Samsung Galaxy S23 Fan Edition in our hands for a few weeks now and while it started off a bit rocky with a firmware that couldn’t be updated through regular methods, we got that sorted and have taken a bit of a look to see how it looks, feels and works. Check out of brief hands-on video below.

Below we’ve also taken and posted a 4K video clip of my niece’s drop-in volleyball game. Below that is a very short 8K clip as well. The 4K video was shot at 60FPS while the 8K video is limited to 24FPS.

The 4K video results are pretty amazing considering the venue and lighting. 60FPS 4K video looks smooth and the captured detail is solid – even despite the challenges.

When it comes to camera samples, I was left feeling a little flat. Maybe I expected too much, but the vibrant color is not “there” and many of the photos do not naturally pop. Granted, the images were shot in November and December here in Alberta, and that this time of year, there isn’t a lot of color to be seen. That being said, many of the outdoor images were just a bit flat in my opinion.

3x Optical Zoom

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While some of the results were not what I was hoping for, inside shots in Portrait mode and and early morning hunting shots were exceptional. It’s the broad (albeit bleak) daylight shots that left me wanting more.

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