Samsung SmartTag2 Quick Look

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We’ve recently been playing with the SmartTag2 from Samsung. I personally have been using Tile and Tile Pros for the past year or so, and when Samsung asked if I wanted to look at the SmartTag2, I thought it would be interesting to see how they stack up.

SmartTag2 Package

The feature set on the SmartTag2 is very comparable to the Tile Pro, so that is primarily what we’ll be talking about in this brief overview.

Features Comparison:

Tile Pro
Range: 120m
Battery Life: 1-year replaceable
Water Resistance: Yes
Bluetooth LE
Special Features: Find Your Phone, Smart Alerts, Smart Home compatibility, Anti-Theft mode, Premium Plans
Range: 120m
Battery: 500 days (700 days power saving)
Water Resistance: Yes
Bluetooth LE & UWB
Special Features: AR Find, Lost Mode, Pet Walking Mode
SmartTag2 vs Tile Pro

Both companies offer notifications for lost items and a network feature that when declared lost, will use other people in the ecosystem to find the item as well. If you lose a Tile and declare it lost, any other Tile users devices will be able to help locate the item. The same is true with the Samsung SmartTag2 – SmartTag users will be help you find the lost device, but the SmartTag2 ups the game with UWB. What’s the big deal with UWB? Imagine pointing a magic wand, and it directs you to your lost item. That’s UWB for you – it provides spatial accuracy and directional finding capabilities. The tracker doesn’t just beep; it leads you to your item’s hiding spot.

When it comes right down to it, there isn’t a bad choice here between the two trackers. Both offer community assistance in finding lost devices, both are water resistant and both have user replaceable batteries. The SmartTag2 offers UWB, but has a smaller network of users than Tile – which supports both iOS and Android.

The price of the SmartTag2 is a bit more inviting and the battery life is better, and if you’re a Samsung user, there is a lot more to like about the Samsung product as it integrates well with SmartThings and all of your other Samsung products. While Tile is excellent, it seems like they’ve lost a bit of integration as it’s cross-platform compatible.

I love the fact that both of these products are so comparable. Competition breeds innovation and the SmartTag2 has a few more features than the Tile, but a smaller network of “Tag” users. That is the only real drawback if you lose the device at an airport or at a greater distance than 120m.

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